Des Moines Replacement Windows & Doors

Window and door replacement is the fastest and easiest way to improve your old Des Moines, Washington home or business. Des Moines window replacement is better now than anytime before. There are tax credits, PSE rebates, more styles and energy efficient windows than ever before.

Des Moines Windows

Popular window replacement and installation styles in Des Moines, Washington are those that are most resistant to weather changes and moisture.

Popular Windows in Des Moines, Washington

  1. Search number one is Casement Windows Des Moines. Because casement windows swing open, they are perfect for the temperature swings in Des Moines, and for taking in the Commencement Bay and Puget Sound air. Casement windows are easier to open for those with trouble using sliding windows as well.
  2. Double pane windows Des Moines. Puget Sound Energy offers discounts to Des Moinesians who upgrade their windows to double pane and triple pane windows. Homeowners find this a good catalyst for making the move to get window replacement.
  3. Energy efficient windows Des Moines. The benefits of energy efficient windows goes without saying. Des Moinesians like to save money and the environment.
  4. Sliding windows Des Moines. Windows can slide horizontally (↔) and vertically (↕). Sliding windows are much faster to open than casement windows if you have the strength to operate them. Keeping your home fresh and adjusting to the weather changes of Des Moines is easy with sliding windows.
  5. Bay window Des Moines. Some homes in Des Moines have lots of light and great views of the Narrows Bridge, Puget Sound, or Commencement Bay. Bay windows are made for these exact Des Moines views and experiences.
  6. Bow windows Des Moines. Bow windows serve a similar purpose to Bay windows and differ only in form and style. They show off the views and let the light in.
  7. Picture windows Des Moines. There are beautiful homes in Des Moines. Many of these homes are given special character and design when adorned with Picture Windows. They are mostly used for aesthetic purposes.
  8. Basement windows Des Moines. Many homeowners in Des Moines utilize their basements to rent out. Because most homes are older in Des Moines, their basement windows need updating.

Window Installation & Replacement

Lake Washington Windows provides window installation and window replacement tom companies and homeowners. For home owners building new homes we can install your new windows. For those with old houses we can replace your old windows with new or more efficient windows.

We work with you to choose the best windows for the home that you are building. We examine your

  • Budget
  • Style preferences
  • Location of the windows in the house
  • Needs

and balance them all to find the best window installation for you.

big house lots of new windows - Window Replacement

Des Moines Door Installation & Replacement

There are spectacular views of the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, and Mt. Rainier in Des Moines, which makes it no surprise that Des Moinesians really like sliding glass doors. Sometimes to their patio, sometimes on the side of the home, and other times to their balconies.

Des Moines door installation is a service that we provide to companies and homeowners with new and old construction. We work with you to choose the best doors for the home.

How We Help You Choose The Exterior Best Doors To Install

Getting the best doors usually requires looking at a few things like your budget, style preferences, location of the doors in the house, needs, and balancing all of them to find the best door installation option for you.

What To Expect

We dedicate a team to help you with your project. For nearly 2 decades we have been aiding in new construction by providing fast, reliable, and affordable window installation in Des Moines, Washington and nearby areas like SeaTac, Burien and Tukwila.

Our Des Moines window & door replacement service is for those who have existing homes, apartments, or multi-door units with windows that are old, damaged, or provide poor insulation.

In Des Moines, insulation is important because of the amount of moisture in the area, the potential heat from the Summer months, and the random severe cold weather like ice storms that we sometimes face. 

 Here Are Our Window & Door Purchasing Resources

To see how much you could save with new windows, and get details about Government and Puget Sound Energy incentives for homeowners to buy new windows and doors check out the links below.

Why Choose Lake Washington Windows?

These are why others have chosen us for their window installation service near Des Moines.