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What Are Garden Windows?

Garden windows are named so because they can be used as a miniature indoor garden. They extend outward from the house, and have a shelf inside for placing plants. They are like bay windows, but smaller and with a “window roof” on top to let in more sunlight. They’re usually installed in kitchens for growing plants, or for showcasing items.

In Seattle, garden windows are a great idea because they’re effectively a mini-greenhouse inside your home, so you can grow plants year-round. They add a lot of cheer to a space, and can be a conversation starter.

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Garden Window FAQs

Where Can I Buy Garden Windows In Seattle?

Lake Washington Windows and Doors keeps products from trusted brands such as Milgard and Andersen. You can get in touch by calling us at (425) 255-2600, after which we will set up an in-home consultation with you. During the consultation we’ll answer any questions you have on the subject, and finally take measurements and provide a rough estimate of the cost. We offer financing and payment plans, so the window replacement process is easy for you.

Are Garden Windows Outdated?

Garden window installers are often asked this question, and the answer is…not really. While they do look a bit dated, kitchen gardens and herb gardens are very trendy, and plants will add a lot of color and life to the window. Ultimately, it is your personal preference that matters.

Are Garden Windows Expensive?

They may be a little pricey, especially if you want a more unique shape. However, Milgard and Andersen have some lovely, affordable garden windows in their product range.

Bay Windows vs Garden Windows?

Vinyl garden windows are different from bay windows in three ways. Firstly, they’re usually much smaller. Secondly, they have a fourth pane of glass on top to let in more light, which bay windows lack. Thirdly, the purpose of garden window installation is to create a small garden inside the house – whereas bay windows are installed to add more space to a room and to create a focal point.

When Would I Get Garden Windows?

If you have a sunny kitchen and like growing plants, then sure! In a garden window, you can grow plants more-or-less year-round, because it’s indoors, and lets in more sunlight owing to its unique design.

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