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How do you and guests feel when entering a room in your house? Is the room dark? Drafty? Does the room feel safe? Does the design flow? That’s what windows do for you and your home, they help set the mood of your home.

Doors also help manage the atmosphere of a room. The look and feel affects what people think and feel when entering your house or a room of your house. Patio doors invite people to enjoy your patio or backyard, and entry doors are the first thing people touch on your house. 


Aside from atmosphere, windows provide light, ventilation, safety, and affect the aesthetics of your home. Doors also offer more than at atmosphere, they offer protection against the spread of smoke and fire, keep your family safe, and improve curb appeal.

“We were very pleased with the great service your company provided.

The crew that installed the door and the windows above the door were professional and quick. The door and windows were in and done by the time we got home from work. They look great; everything works as it was intended to work. You were prompt in answering all our questions and appreciate the product and service that you provided.”

– Rick, Kirkland WA

Benefits Of Replacing Windows

You deserve a draft-free home. You also deserve a quality product that lasts for years to come. Kirkland window replacement specialists are ready to take measurements, requirements, and your interior design into consideration.

Why upgrade your home’s windows? Here are some good reasons to replace them:

  • Savings with lowered energy costs. Fiberglass windows expand and shrink less during weather changes, keeping outside temperatures from entering through gaps. Heating and air conditioning systems run less as a result.
  • Improved comfort throughout the year. Stay warmer in Winter and cooler in the Summer. Extensive weatherproofing can be time-consuming and frustrating, not to mention detract from a room’s appearance. Staying comfortable in all seasons makes life easier.
  • Federal tax credits up to $1500 (if eligible). Make your house more energy efficient and you could be rewarded with a tax credit.
  • Increase resale value. New windows can add value, especially to older homes.
  • PSE Rebate. Up to $750 back on new energy efficient windows.

Homeowners appreciate how updated windows are more attractive, safer, and easier to use

Need help deciding which windows to choose for your house? Check out our window types guide.

For a comprehensive list of what new windows can do for the value of your house and home experience, go here.

Benefits Of Replacing Doors

Here are some things that good doors do for the value and experience of your house.

  • Ease of heating & cooling your home
  • Improve ventilation if adding a door
  • Reduce noise
  • Improve aesthetic
  • A good door will prevent the spread of fire and smoke
  • Safety – keep intruders out

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