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If your home gets plenty of light and has a nice view, you can take your home’s décor a couple notches up by getting bay windows. They are windows that permanently extend outward (beyond your home’s walls), and are made up of three separate window panels. Usually, the angled side panels can be opened.

Bay windows jut outward significantly and provide a nice change, and also bring a 3D aspect to your home. If your living room looked a little monotone and flat, bay windows might be just the thing it needed. A cozy window seat could transform your home’s appearance. For Seattle bay window replacement, contact Lake Washington Windows.

Benefits of Getting Bay Windows

There are numerous benefits of installing bay windows in your home.

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Bay Windows Add Space To Your Home

Bay windows work wonders for small areas, adding a bright, spacious feeling to the space. They don’t always extend outward by a large amount, but it’s sufficient to change how the room looks and feels. Some types provide enough additional space for a small seating area.

Bay Windows Are A Welcome Change

Windows are all the same in one respect – they’re a little one-dimensional. Bay windows add an element of depth and serve to break the monotony in your home. Bay windows are ideal for kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.

Bay Windows Provide A Better View

If your living room looks out to your garden or to a scenic view, you can get a wonderful panoramic view from bay windows. They’re angled and they extend outward, so they’re able to offer a better view than normal windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bay windows add value to your home?

Yes. If you’re planning on selling your property, bay windows would be an excellent investment. In fact, a window seat is usually considered extra living space.

How long do bay windows last?

High-quality bay windows can be expected to last at least 20-25 years with proper care.

Bay window vs bow window – what’s the difference?

This is a commonly asked question, and the answer is simple. Bay windows are made using three windows, while bow windows are made using 4 or more windows, depending on the look you want. This also means that there’s a significant cost difference, with bay windows being cheaper.

How much do bay windows cost?

Bay windows aren’t expensive. You’ll find many affordable products by great brands. We would be happy to take you through our available options and provide a few ideas that fall that fall within your budget, and help you choose something that’s right for your home.

Where can I buy bay windows?

Milgard and Provia, two of the leading window manufacturers in North America, have some beautiful bay windows that you can take a look at. Milgard’s Tuscany Series, Ultra Series and Aluminum Series have gorgeous bay windows that offer different benefits. Lake Washington Windows and Doors is a certified installer of bay windows for both companies.

Seattle Bay Window Installation

If you need bay window installation services, reach out to Lake Washington Doors & Windows. We’re an experienced and reliable company that’s fully licensed, bonded and insured. We’ll ensure your windows are installed efficiently and correctly, so you can enjoy them for the longest possible time.

We follow a straightforward process that begins with a free in-home consultation, and ends with installation. Our team will go through the steps one-by-one, always keeping you informed and bearing your preferences in mind. You can read more about the process and about our company online.

Not exactly in Seattle? No problem! We serve a wide radius around the area, so call us with your location and we’ll see if we can help.