Stacking Glass Wall Systems

Patio Door Systems

One of today’s most popular patio door systems are those that you can stack to create a large opening in your wall, thus extending your interior living space to the outside.  Patio systems like these can either stack by folding into one panel (bi-fold) or stack to one side, or into a pocket wall.

At Lake Washington Windows & Doors we can:

  • Remove existing doors and replace with a new stacking glass wall system
  • Convert a window opening into a new stacking glass wall system
  • Create a new opening in your wall to accommodate this beautiful new system.

Also known as “Accordion Doors”

Glass wall systems are also known as “accordion doors” among the many other names this style comes in.  Sometimes, they are called “bi-fold doors.”  A very old name for them is “concertina” doors that came from an instrument used by musicians by the same name.

Milgard Accordion Doors Milgard Accordion Doors

Andersen Accordion Doors

Showroom example:

Andersen Accordion Doors

Folding Andersen Doors

Andersen Folding Accordion Doors

More Andersen Accordion Doors

Another example of andersen accordion doors

Our friendly associates will help you at 425-255-2600 to understand the difference and styles of all these beautiful doors.  

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