Stacking Glass Wall Systems

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Stacking Glass Doors for Patios

One of today’s most popular patio door systems are those that you can slide or stack to create a large opening in your wall, thus extending your interior living space to the outside. Our two main suppliers of these doors are Milgard Windows & Doors and Western Window Systems, both long-standing reputable companies.  Patio glass door systems like these can operate by folding to one side (bi-fold or accordion style), slide multiple panels down to one side all stacked (stacking doors), or slide multiple panels into a cavity created in the wall (pocket doors). Moving glass wall systems create a picturesque view to your backyard or patio, while allowing you to open up your full wall for hosting summer parties. Each system is custom designed to your home with sizes as big as 36 feet wide by 10 feet high.

Frame Materials for Milgard and Western Stacking Glass Wall Systems

These wall systems are available in Aluminum and Aluminum Clad Wood. There are 20 different colors available, with custom finishes available as an upcharge.  Clad Wood interior finishes include Pine, Douglas Fir, Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak, and White Oak.

3 Types of Glass Wall Systems for Patio Doors

Milgard and Western Window Systems offers moving glass wall systems in 3 distinct designs. Choose the style that best suits your patio and home layout.

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Pocket Glass Doors

These are glass panels that slide together into a wall pocket. They disappear from view entirely when opened. Milgard and Western Pocket Doors are available in both Aluminum and Aluminum Clad Wood.

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Stacking Glass Doors

Available in both Aluminum and Aluminum Clad Wood from Milgard and Western. These wall systems are very similar to Pocket style doors, however they slide down to one side and stack together.  They do not disappear into the wall.

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Bi-Fold Glass Doors

These doors will give your patio a unique look, while collapsing to save space when opened. Bi-Fold Glass wall systems are also known as “accordion doors” among the many other names this style comes in.  Sometimes, they are called “bi-fold doors.”  A very old name for them is “concertina” doors that came from an instrument used by musicians by the same name. Milgard and Western Bi-Fold Doors are available in Aluminum only (no wood interior).

What’s the Cost of Stacking Glass Door Systems?

These systems are more complex than standard patio doors. They require advanced weather sealing and a more extensive installation process.  In most cases, we are expanding the opening in an existing home’s wall to install one of these larger doors. The cost of these door systems installed depends on the size and options you choose for the door, engineering requirements, and the amount of construction work needed to expand an opening.  Contact us for a free consultation and evaluation of your project.

We Install Stacking Glass Doors in the Greater Seattle Area

At Lake Washington Windows & Doors we can:

  • Remove existing doors and replace with a new stacking glass wall system
  • Convert a window opening into a new stacking glass wall system
  • Create a new opening in your wall to accommodate this beautiful new system.

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