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We offer picture window installation and replacement to the greater Seattle area. We install Milgard and Andersen windows. Picture windows reduce heating costs, heat gain, & increase natural light.

What Are Picture Windows?

Picture windows are named so because they provide a great view of the outdoors. Their purpose is largely aesthetic, and they can be found in fairly large sizes, if desired. If you’re wondering whether your home needs new picture windows, this page will answer that question – and more!

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Are Picture Windows Right for My Home?

If you have a large space indoors and a good view outside, picture windows would be ideal for you. They will not only provide an uninterrupted view of the outdoors, but they’ll let more light in, and add style to your home.

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Do Picture Windows Open?

Picture windows are fixed and don’t open, which means cleaning them is easier, there are no moving parts to repair and maintain, and your home will be more energy-efficient.  You can get them without metal grids if you prefer – they obstruct the view slightly, but make the windows stronger and reduce the chances of breakage significantly.

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How Much are Picture Windows?

Another great thing about picture windows is that they are highly affordable. In Seattle, picture window replacement costs less than replacing other types of windows, since the window will be fixed. Contact us for an in-home estimate.

Window - Milgard

Which is the Best Picture Window Brand?

Milgard and Andersen are both excellent, widely-recognized brands which sell picture windows. You can get them in different sizes, types and designs per your preferences.


Milgard is one of the top window companies in USA, and it offers beautiful picture windows in vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. You can choose from the Tuscany Series, the Style Line Series, the Essence Series, the Ultra Series, and various others.


Andersen Windows has various designs available, which you can see on their website. The A-Series is highly energy efficient, while the E-Series is customizable in every detail, and the 200 Series provides great value. If you’re unsure which is best for you, we would be happy to help.

You can’t go wrong with these companies – they merge beauty, efficiency, quality and affordability into products that will elevate your home’s look. If you’ve chosen the product you want but need picture window installers, we’re just a call away. You can reach us during office hours at (425) 255-2600.

Picture Window FAQs

How much does a picture window cost?

The cost of picture windows depends on the size, style, material, and area of purchase. $400 – $1000 depending on the size and not including installation.

What is a picture window?

A picture window is a large, fixed-pane window. They’re usually made without glazing bars. Picture windows are named so because they provide a great view of the outdoors. They basically act as a picture frame for the scenery outside the window.

What is the standard size of a picture window?

Picture window width: 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, & 8 ft. Picture window height: 1ft to 8ft.

What is a casement picture window?

Picture windows typically do not move. They are fix-paned. A casement picture window is stationary and has hinges so that it does open.

A casement picture window is a stationary casement, it will not open or close and is typically used in rooms where operational casements are so it matches.

About Lake Washington Windows

If you need Seattle picture window replacement services, get in touch with us for a free in-home measurement and estimate. We follow an efficient process which provides you with all the information you need every step of the way. We are happy to educate and guide you on everything door and window-related. We do picture window installation in the Seattle area, and are licensed, bonded and insured.

If you have old picture windows that need changing, we recommend getting them replaced sooner rather than later. Old windows may be costing you in ways you don’t realize, by affecting your home’s insulation and comfort level. New windows will improve your home’s look, and the superior sealing technology available today will help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

At Lake Washington Windows & Doors, we have a team that has over 150 years of combined window installation experience. We provide excellent service, and the reviews on our website will prove that fact!

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