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Here Are The Popular Windows in Fircrest

Look at these popular window styles in Fircrest, Washington.

  • Bay window Fircrest. Some homes in Fircrest have lots of light and great views of the Narrows Bridge, Puget Sound, or Commencement Bay.
  • Bow windows Fircrest. Bow windows show off the views and let the light in.
  • Picture windows Fircrest. There are beautiful homes in Fircrest. Many of these homes are given special character and design when adorned with Picture Windows. They are mostly used for aesthetic purposes.
  • Basement windows Fircrest. Many homeowners in Fircrest utilize their basements to rent out. Because most homes are older in Fircrest, their basement windows need updating.
  • Casement Windows Fircrest. Casement windows are the most requested because casement windows swing open which means they are perfect for the temperature swings. Commencement Bay & Puget Sound air is readily available in your home. Casement windows are easier to open for those with trouble using sliding windows as well.
  • Double pane windows Fircrest. PSE offers discounts to Fircrestians who upgrade their windows. You just need to update to double pane or triple pane windows.
  • Energy efficient windows Fircrest. The PSE benefits are pretty clear. Fircrestians like to save money and the environment.
  • Sliding windows Fircrest. Windows slide either horizontally (↔) or vertically (↕). Sliding windows are much faster to open than casement windows.
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Fircrest Window Installation & Replacement

We offer Fircrest window installation to companies and homeowners building new construction. We help you choose your best window options by going over a set of criteria and weighing the options to give you the best fit. We check your budget, style preferences, where the windows are going, what you need as far as energy efficiency and type of window, and weighing them all to find the best window installation for you.

For 2 decades we have been providing fast, reliable, & affordable window installation in Fircrest, Washington.

Fircrest Door Installation & Replacement

There are spectacular views of the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, Cascade Mountains, and Mt. Rainier in Fircrest. This makes it no surprise that Fircrestians really like sliding glass doors – sometimes to their patio, sometimes on the side of the home, and other times to their balconies.

Just like with windows, we take a look at your budget, style preferences, door location, your energy and insulation needs, and consider them all to give you the best exterior doors possible.

For nearly 2 decades we have been aiding in new construction by providing fast, reliable, and affordable door installation in Fircrest, Washington, and surrounding areas like Ruston. Your dedicated door installation and replacement team will make the entire process easy for you.

Why Choose Lake Washington Windows?

These are why others have chosen us for their window installation service near Fircrest.