Echo Lake Window Replacement

Lake Washington Windows is an Echo Lake window and door replacement company, and we’re often asked questions about window replacement. For instance, whether your windows need replacing, how long replacement takes, and which brands we carry. We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions below (with answers), so you can get information quickly. Of course, if you still have questions, you can always call us at 425-255-2600.

Does My Window Need Replacement?

This is the question we’re asked most often. If your window is damaged or warped, that’s a sure sign you need window replacement. Echo Lake doesn’t have mild weather, and damaged windows will make it harder for you to heat or cool your home.

Other than that, if you can feel a draft, or if the window area is noticeably colder, it may mean your windows aren’t doing a good job. If your window feels cold or warm to the touch (cold in winter and vice-versa) or has visibly damaged trim, that’s a good indicator as well.

Which Window Brands Do You Carry?

Buying the right product is important, and windows from an inferior brand may do more harm than good. At Lake Washington Windows we carry products from Milgard, one of the biggest window manufacturers in North America. In addition, we also carry products from well-known brands such as Milgard and Andersen.

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

They are windows that insulate better, so you need to spend less energy on heating or cooling your home. If you need window replacement, we strongly recommend opting for an energy efficient option. You can learn more on our Energy Efficient Windows Guide.

What If I Don’t Want My Window Frames Replaced?

You can consider getting just the glass replaced, however that may not reduce your energy usage. It’s important to check the integrity of the frames and the installation. We do not offer glass replacement services at this time. 

How Long Does Window Replacement Take?

The time will vary depending on the size of your home, the type of windows, and the number of windows you want installed. Once the initial prep is over (consultation, measurement and order placement), it usually takes us between 2-5 days to replace all the windows in a home. To learn more about our process and how long each step takes, visit this link.

If you’re looking for a reliable Echo Lake window installation company, reach out to us and we’ll walk you through the process.

If you have any more questions, please visit our FAQs page. You will find videos of our installation process, window maintenance, door maintenance, and other tips. For more information, you can reach our Echo Lake window and door company by calling 425-255-2600. We’re available Monday through Friday during office hours.

Echo Lake Window Installation

Window replacement becomes necessary if your current windows aren’t performing as well as they should. Windows should insulate the home against bad weather and noise, and should protect against burglars and antisocial elements. Therefore, getting new windows has a lot of benefits. The biggest, perhaps, is that you can get energy-efficient windows which will reduce utility costs and pay themselves off in time. 

Echo Lake Window Types

You also get better security, increased comfort, and an updated look. You can choose from different materials such as

Lake Washington Windows does window replacement in the Echo Lake area, and is recognized as a trusted company that’s been around for over 10 years. We have offices in Seattle and Renton, and a team with over 150 years of combined experience. If you need new windows, reach out to us online. You can get a free in-home estimate by filling out a short form on our website. Our team is friendly and efficient, and will ensure you get the best service possible.