Window Replacement For Mercer Island

Mercer Island Replacement Windows

Best of Bellevue Award Window Replacement Company

At Lake Washington Windows & Doors, we stand out as a distinguished, award-winning replacement window dealer in the Mercer Island community. With a collective experience spanning over a century, our team’s dedication to unparalleled customer service and satisfaction has earned us recognition as “Bellevue’s Top Window Company” in the Best in Bellevue awards for four years running, and we are proudly listed among the Three Best Rated® Window Companies in Bellevue, WA.

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“Lake Washington Windows & Doors replaced a French door and several windows for my home. Their installation team was extremely professional. They not only did a quality installation job, but the guys were very friendly and did the work on schedule. I was very pleased with the work that they did.

Thank you for the terrific experience!”

– Cheryl C., Mercer Island WA

We Offer a Diverse Selection of Window Replacement Materials

We’ve formed partnerships with the industry’s top fiberglass, vinyl, and clad-wood window manufacturers based on consistent quality and service over time, superior warranty support for our customers, a strong and lasting presence in the industry, and ongoing innovation in product development so you receive the highest-quality products with minimal effort. Our esteemed manufacturing partners include:

Milgard Ultra Series Fiberglass Replacement Windows

The Milgard Ultra Series fiberglass windows lead the way in window technology and set an impressively high standard. Made from environmentally friendly and energy-efficient silica sand, these windows resist swelling, rotting, and warping, ensuring decades of durability and unmatched energy performance.

Milgard Trinsic Series Vinyl Replacement Windows

The Milgard Trinsic Series is an ideal solution for homeowners on Mercer Island seeking a blend of modern style and affordability. These windows feature minimalistic frames and hardware, enhancing the amount of visible glass and offering an elegant view that modernizes any living space.

Milgard Tuscany Series Vinyl Replacement Windows

The Milgard Tuscany Series vinyl windows present an elegant design resembling traditional wood with top-quality UV protection and efficiency, resulting in a high-quality, cost-effective custom replacement window. These windows are an excellent choice for homeowners prioritizing quality and affordability.

Andersen E-Series Aluminum Clad-Wood Replacement Windows

The Andersen E-Series aluminum clad-wood windows offer Mercer Island residents a luxurious blend of classic wood aesthetics with a durable aluminum exterior. These windows are available in various interior wood species and finishes, offering high energy efficiency, longevity, and low maintenance, with an exterior that never requires painting.

Energy-Efficient Windows to Match Your Mercer Island Home Design

At Lake Washington Windows and Doors, we provide a variety of window replacement styles to complement every architectural design in standard and custom sizes. Our most popular window styles include:

Picture Windows: Ideal for Mercer Island homeowners seeking unobstructed views and abundant natural light, featuring large, fixed glass panes that do not open.

Casement Windows: Perfect for difficult-to-reach areas, they provide excellent ventilation when opened and form an energy-efficient seal when closed.

Bay Windows: Consisting of three or more windows extending beyond the exterior wall to create inviting nooks and showcase expansive, panoramic views.

Single-Hung Windows: A timeless choice with a traditional aesthetic, featuring two sashes—one fixed and one movable.

Double-Hung Windows: Similar to single-hung windows but with two operable sashes, designed for versatility and effective airflow.

Awning Windows: Hinging at the top and opening outward to protect your interior during light Mercer Island rains while allowing ventilation.

Horizontal Sliding Windows: Similar to sliding patio doors that move along a horizontal track, these windows are often used in living spaces and basements for their versatility.

A Window Replacement Company You Can Trust

Choosing the right windows for your home is crucial, and Lake Washington Windows & Doors is here to guide you every step of the way. As the trusted window solution provider on Mercer Island, our award-winning service, extensive product range, and commitment to excellence ensure you make the best decision for your home.

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