Basement Hopper Windows Seattle

Lake Washington Windows & Doors offers Hopper Window Installation to the greater Seattle area. We use top brands like Milgard & Andersen.

What is a basement hopper window?

A basement hopper window, often just called a hopper window, is a small window that opens downward and inward. That means that the top of the window opens and the window leans towards the inside of the room. 

Basement hopper windows are commonly installed as a bathroom or basement window. Basement windows are usually just above ground level and are susceptible to getting dirt kicked on them. This is why the hopper window opens the way it does. The upward tilt of the window glass pane blocks dirt and debris from getting into your home. Opening a hopper window is usually done with a crank or hinge.

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Who Should Get A Hopper Window?

If you have a basement with windows that do not open, or are building a house with a basement, then you are a candidate for basement hopper windows.

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Why Get A Hopper Window?

Here are several benefits to getting hopper windows for your basement or bathroom.

  • Security. They are easy to open, but too small to get through. Adding a hopper window to your basement or bathroom adds security.
  • Reduce humidity. Basements and bathrooms can be heavily impacted by moisture. Basements are usually cold and damp, so a hopper window is great for airing it out easily. Bathrooms usually get hot and humid because of showers. A bathroom hopper window just needs to be opened to provide better ventilation than any fan.
  • Add light to the basement. A basement without windows is a dungeon. Add some basement hopper windows to shed light on your basement.
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Where Do Hopper Windows Go?

Although you can use hopper windows anywhere, they are usually placed in basements because of the way they open. There are hopper windows that open from the bottom that are better suited for other rooms. A hopper in the basement would allow dirt to get in very easily.

How To Get A Hopper Window

You can buy hopper windows at most specialty window and door shops, and then DIY the install. However, if you haven’t done it before or are busy, then you may gain greater value from having a professional window installation company do it for you.

Basement Hopper WIndow FAQs

What is the standard basement window size?

Standard basement window sizes are 12-24 inches tall and 30-36 inches long. These were set for homes from 1950 and later.

There are also standard requirements for fire codes regarding minimum heights, widths, and distance from the ground.

How do I install a basement hopper window?

If you’d like to give installing a hopper window yourself a go, then here is a good video instruction.

Here are the high level steps of replacing an old hopper window with a new hopper window.

  1. Remove the old window frame
  2. Prepare the window opening
  3. Make the buck (wood frame that was set into the wall to define the space for window installation)
  4. Seal the window

What are small basement windows called?

Small basement windows are called hopper windows, or basement hopper windows.

How much does it cost to put a window in a basement?

The cost to install a window of any kind depends on so many things – zip code, material, quality, current window situation, etc. However, a good range for a benchmark is $1,000 to $2,000 per window installed by a professional.