15 Amazing Milgard Patio Glass Doors for your Next Remodeling Project

Amazing 3 window patio door by Milgard

We’ve put together some great examples of what you can do to your patio today!  Complement your beautiful new deck or beautify your home with some amazing Milgard products. Contact us today at (425) 255-2601 for a Free quote So much light with Milgard Patio Doors and Windows White Sliding Glass Patio Doors by Milgard Ultra…  Read More

The Benefits of Having Milgard Fiberglass Windows and Exteriors

Fiberglass Windows

If you are looking for optimal strength and a traditional wood style for your home, fiberglass windows are the best choice. As of recently, it is now possible to design fiberglass windows due to contemporary innovations. Therefore, styling is not limited to fit your aesthetic needs. Here at Lake Washington Windows & Doors, we provide…  Read More

Why You Should Choose Aluminum Windows by Milgard

aluminum windows

Slim, durable, and light. Aluminum windows are perfect for homeowners looking for a surplus of style options with a sleek, modern design. Here at Lake Washington Windows & Doors, we can upgrade or replace your aluminum windows with our trusted partner Milgard Windows—a brand known for exceptional quality with national recognition. Want to know how…  Read More

Clad Wood Windows – Why You Should Consider Them For Your Home

clad wood windows

Clad Wood Windows vs. Pure Wood Windows Clad wood windows are similar to pure wood windows. Both have beautiful wood on the inside and the outside. However, clad wood windows are fully encased in heavy duty aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass to reduce maintenance and increase durability. Read on to learn why clad wood windows are…  Read More

Reasons to Consider Installing Triple Pane Windows

Triple Pane Windows

As homeowners face cooler temperatures during the winter, it is important to consider long term investments. For example, have you ever considered upgrading your windows? Added insulation provided by triple pane windows can create a warmer atmosphere and benefits your home in many ways for years to come. Want to save money on energy bills?…  Read More

How to Prepare Doors for the Wintertime

Are you looking to stay warm and save money all winter long? Take a look at these five ways you can effectively winterize your doors to prepare for the harsh winter ahead. 1. Weather Stripping Air leaks are all too common and can happen even when doors are closed. Weather stripping can be an easy…  Read More

4 Ways to Know If You Need Window Replacement

Window Replacement

Have you looked at your windows lately and wondered if it is time to repair them or even replace them entirely? There are a number of reasons why your windows might not be in their best shape. Drafty, energy inefficient, foggy, damaged, rotted, or inoperable old windows are some of the most common frustrations that…  Read More

Beautiful Windows from Andersen Windows

beautiful windows

                  New windows and doors can be a big investment, so it is crucial to choose the right brand in order to be rewarded with better light, comfort, added security and energy efficiency. Lake Washington Windows & Doors offers trusted brands such as Andersen Windows, providing you…  Read More

Financial Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that having old or inefficient windows can affect energy efficiency in your home? Temperatures are dropping as we are heading into the cold fall and winter months, while energy bills are starting to rise. When properly selected and installed, energy-efficient windows can improve window performance in your home and help minimize heating,…  Read More

Replacement Window Tips: What You Need to Know

replacement windows

While the popular belief that replacing your windows can surely cut your spending habits on energy usage, there are more beneficial reasons on why it is effective to do so. On the contrary, there are various factors to consider in order to complete the best purchase on your windows such as research, evaluating costs, design…  Read More

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