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West Seattle Window Replacement

If you’ve noticed your windows aren’t as good as they used to be, you should consider window replacement sooner rather than later. Windows, like most other things, have a life, after which they need to be replaced. If you’ve just purchased a property that has old windows, if you’ve noticed your heating and cooling costs go up in recent years, or if some of your windows are visibly damaged and/or warped, you should take that as a sign that your windows need replacing.

The good news is that window replacement isn’t just another expense – it actually has a lot of benefits! Modern windows are designed in such a way that they add a lot more to a home than just aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of West Seattle Window Replacement

A More Comfortable Home

Are you used to the area near your windows being colder? Are drafts something you’ve learned to live with? A high-quality window that insulates well and provides a tight seal will eliminate both these problems. You may have learned to live with the quirks old windows have, but you’ll be a lot more comfortable (both in summer and winter) if they’re absent.

Low Maintenance

Wooden windows are a magnet for pests and rot, and most older windows need to be refinished, treated or painted every couple years. Modern windows remove this problem entirely. Vinyl and fiberglass windows, for instance, are made in such a way that painting will never be a problem. They are also dirt and pest-resistant, and easier to clean.

Improved Security

The windows we sell at Lake Washington Windows are all by top-tier brands such as Milgard, and have been rigorously tested by an independent organization. Many of our windows offer multiple-point locking systems that make break-ins all but impossible. You can sleep better knowing your windows and doors are secure.

Lower Utility Costs

Modern energy-efficient windows can help you cut down on your heating and cooling costs by a significant amount. What this ultimately means is that the windows pay for themselves over time. If you’d like to learn more about energy efficient windows, you can call our West Seattle window & door company anytime… 

Better for the environment

New windows won’t just help you reduce utility costs; they’ll also help the environment. The way energy-efficient windows work is, they insulate your home better (compared to normal windows), so you need to use less energy to control your in-home temperature. Using less energy is better for the environment, because it means you have a smaller carbon footprint.


Is it cheaper to replace all windows at once?

We recommend that if you have the funds, you will benefit more by replacing all the windows at once. Older windows (over 20 years) exhibiting wear and tear should be put on your to-do list and budgeted for window replacement.

What time of year is best to replace windows?

Spring and early summer are the best seasons for planning your window replacement. With warm weather, you can be sure to get the job done without having to deal with either blisteringly hot temperatures or freezing cold conditions.

Window Installation in West Seattle

Lake Washington Windows is a trusted local window and door company serving West Seattle, down to Burien, and beyond, that’s committed to providing a smooth and efficient project experience. We’ll be with you every step of the way – from helping you understand the importance of replacing old windows, to helping you choose the right product, and then getting it installed. Our aim is to make things as simple for you as possible.

We follow a straightforward process that helps eliminate doubts and misunderstandings, and gets everything done in a systematic, client-friendly way. Everyone in our team – from the office staff to the West Seattle window installers – is friendly and approachable, so if you have questions about anything at any stage of the installation process, you can always reach out and ask.

We keep windows by well-known brands such as Milgard that have won the public’s trust through years of excellence. They manufacture windows that last a long time, add a lot to your home and help you become more environmentally-friendly, and if you ever have an issue they provide a warranty so you’re well-protected.