Double-Hung Windows

Tired of the limited ventilation provided by your home’s single-hung windows? Then it’s time to call Lake Washington Windows and Doors to learn about our double-hung window installation offers. If you live in the Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, and Gig Harbor areas, call us today to install high-quality double-hung replacement windows from industry-leading brands like Milgard and ProVia. 

Double-Hung Windows Defined

Double-hung, also known as double-sash, are rectangular windows similar to single-hung designs. The difference with double-hung windows is they consist of two operable sashes, an upper and lower, instead of only one operable lower sash. The ability for both sashes to open provides superior ventilation and an added level of safety for homeowners with small children.

Double Hung Window Drawing

Single-Hung Manufacturers Carefully Chosen For You

Let us use our experience and industry knowledge to your benefit. With over 30 years in the window industry, time has allowed us to determine the double-hung manufacturer’s who deliver the best blend of quality and price, or best VALUE for you. Our chosen manufacturer partners create value in four essential areas:

  1. Consistency of quality and service over the years
  2. Level of warranty support to you
  3. Industry longevity
  4. Product innovation

Our valued manufacturer partners for single-hung windows are:

Best Applications

  • Perfect for those who desire superior ventilation while keeping the look of sash windows

  • Great for homeowners with small children who can access lower sash openings

  • Excellent window choice for just about any architectural style

  • For those who want a window that can be easily cleaned and maintained 

  • Great window style for accommodating additions such as air conditioning units 

  • For those who want to reduce noise pollution throughout their home

  • Perfect for homeowners who want to balance versatility, durability, and energy efficiency

Top Double-Hung Windows Compared

Milgard Tuscany Series ProVia Aeris Series
Frame Material Vinyl Vinyl Clad Wood
Strength Excellent Excellent
Durability Very Good Very Good
Large Size & Custom Designs Very Good Excellent
Energy Efficiency Excellent Excellent

% Glass to Frame

Very Good Very Good
Curb Appeal Excellent Very Good
Exterior Colors 7 19
Warranty Excellent Very Good
Price $$$ $$$$

Not all vinyl is created equal. Many vinyl window manufacturers cut corners on their vinyl components. When it comes to windows, the Milgard Tuscany Series is a superior vinyl product line, offering the highest degree of structural strength, UV inhibitors, glass efficiency, and quality in the industry. These features, coupled with elegant sightlines that mimic the look of traditional wood windows, create a high-end custom look for your vinyl replacement window solution. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Milgard has engineered its signature vinyl formula to withstand even the harshest weather conditions while requiring little to no maintenance over time.

  • Milgard is one of two vinyl window manufacturers in the US who make their own vinyl from vinyl powder to frame, controlling the quality of ingredients.

  • Tuscany frames have multiple interior walls for added strength and energy efficiency

  • Built to be heat-stable in partnership with Energy Star to ensure they meet the thermal and solar requirements of the Seattle area.

  • Even sightlines and customization options create a natural and aesthetically pleasing effect in every room.

Milgard Tuscany Series V400 Vinyl Double-Hung Windows

Window Configurations Hardware Features Color Options Grid Options Glass Textures Tint Options Screen Options
Double double-hung
Triple double-hung
SmartTouchⓇ Locking Interior Colors


Exterior Colors

Interior Grids
Flat GBG Grid
Sculptured GBG Grid
3/4″ Vintage SDL
1-1/8″ Vintage SDL
1-1/8″ Craftsman SDL
1-1/8″ Legacy SDL

Exterior Grids
Flat GBG Grid
Sculptured GBG Grid
3/4″ Vintage SDL
1-1/8″ Vintage SDL
1-1/8″ Craftsman SDL
1-1/8″ Legacy SDL

Obscure Aquatex
Obscure Clear 42
Obscure Delta Frost
Obscure Frosted Glue Chip
Obscure Glue Chip
Obscure Matelux
Obscure Narrow Reed
Obscure P516
Obscure Rain
Cardinal Low-E
Solar Bronze
Solar Gray
Standard Mesh
PureView Mesh
Milgard Tuscany Series V400 Vinyl Double-Hung Window Size Chart

For those looking for the beauty of traditional wood, we highly recommend ProVia’s Aeris clad-wood Windows. Provia designed Aeris wood-clad windows for homeowners desiring a natural wood interior look with a durable and low-maintenance vinyl exterior. Built-in a small Amish community in the Midwest, the craftsmanship, pride, and attention to detail of the Provia Aeris clad wood window is second to none.

Features and Benefits:

  • An extensive array of design and color options

  • Engineered using a patented process to fully integrate natural cherry, oak, or maple wood interiors with a range of stain, paint, and design selections.

  • Traditional hardware colors and designs for that old-world charm

  • Available with custom prefinished interior casing

  • Energy Star certified and independently tested to meet strict efficiency standards.

  • Insulated framing provides vastly superior performance than standard wood replacement windows.


ProVia Aeris Wood-Clad Double-Hung Windows

Window Configurations Hardware Features Color Options Grid Options Grid Options Glass Textures Tint Options Screen Options
Explore ProVia Aeris Window Configurations Folding Nesting Operator
Flat Bronze
Satin Nickel
Antique Brass
Bright Brass
Interior Colors
7 Different Oak Stains
7 Different Cherry Stains
2 Different Maple Stains

Exterior Colors
Classic Bronze

Painted Interior/Exterior
Stone Mist
Cafe Creame
Sandpiper Beige
Sterling Grey
Geneva Blue
Enzian Blue
Forest Green
Vallis Red
Mountain Berry
Tudor Brown
Rustic Bronze
Coal Black
Single Prarie
Cottage 1H
Cottage TS-1V1H
Cottage TL-1V1H
Cottage SP-TS-1V2H
Cottage 1V1H
Cottage 3H
Cottage 2V3H
Clear Glass
Stained Glass
Decorative Glass
Privacy Glass
Internal Blinds
Bronze Tint
Green Tint
Gray Tint
Blue Tint
BetterVue Fiberglass
SeeVue Stainless Steel
Heavy-duty Fiberglass


Top-Rated Window Installation for the Seattle-Tacoma-Gig Harbor-Everett Area

When you choose Lake Washington Windows and Doors for your window installation project, you’ll receive the highest quality windows available, delivered with unsurpassed customer service. And with every installation you get Lake Washington Windows and Doors' exclusive Leak Armor Installation that ensures the best protection around your window openings.

Financing Options with Convenient 10 Minute Approvals   

In addition to special offers and promotions, ask  our sales representative about our quick, digital financing application process.   From low-interest traditional loans to no down-no payment-no interest deferred financing plans,  we can help you fund your replacement window project so you can mobilize your cash for other investments.  We are a proud partner of Enerbank Finance, the largest lender for the home improvement industry.   See how much you can be pre-approved for.  

Every Window Includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty

The beauty of working with the top window manufacturers in the industry is the support you can expect before, during, and after installation. Both Milgard and ProVia offer limited lifetime warranties. However, the likelihood that you’ll need to take advantage of these warranties is low.

Milgard Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

Milgard’s award-winning windows and doors are built to last. However, if you ever encounter an unexpected problem, you can rest assured that their lifetime warranties cover your purchase.

ProVia Limited Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

ProVia offers limited lifetime warranties, covering the original customer and up to one subsequent homeowner, on all their windows and doors for those who need assistance.

Receive Our Patented Leak Armor Protection with Every Installation

We include our patented Leak Armor protection with every window we install. Developed through thousands of customer installations and years of experience, we utilize layers of flashing, pans, and sealants in a specific manner to provide commercial-grade sealing to residential homes.

Double-Hung Window FAQs

What’s the difference between Double Hung and Single Hung Windows?

The primary difference between single-hung and double-hung windows is the operable sashes. While both sashes of a double-hung window are operable, single-hung windows only have one operable lower sash.

Why do people like double-hung windows?

The primary reason homeowners enjoy double-hung windows is the additional airflow and ventilation they provide compared to their single-hung counterparts while also being significantly easier to maintain.

Why are double-hung windows more expensive?

Several factors lead to the price difference between single and double-hung windows, including window size, materials, energy efficiency, optionality, UV protection, operable parts, and installation complexity.