5 Tips for Saving Money When Installing Replacement Windows

Published December 29, 2020
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If you are in the market for new replacement windows in the Seattle area, then you want to know the cost and how to save money if possible. If you have lots of windows to replace, then you definitely want to know how to save money on window replacement. If you are a human, well then you definitely want to know how to save money when installing replacement windows.

Even though replacement windows and installation costs are usually fixed, there are things that most industry insiders do not want people to know about how to save money when installing replacement windows. 

The secrets to saving money when installing replacement windows:

  1. Timing
  2. Choose the right windows
  3. Choose the right window company
  4. Good installation
  5. Stick to a budget


You have to know the right time of year to buy and install windows. Sure, you can have them replaced all year round, but there are seasons and months where labor is less than others.

Window companies have busy seasons and slow seasons. That means that the basic principle of supply and demand apply to window installation prices.


Spring & Fall

During the window installation busy seasons window companies are busy and do not usually offer discounts because they do not need to incentivise people to purchase their windows or installation services. 

The busy seasons are usually late Spring and early Fall. These are the periods that homeowners tend to purchase windows and doors the most. The most expensive times to hire a window company to install your windows is during the Spring and Fall. 

Winter & Summer

During the slow seasons windows companies find their crews less busy than desired. They want to maintain the flow of business so they create promotions and incentives in addition to the already excellent tax incentives for energy efficient window installation (change frequently) and rebates offered by the government. When combined with the financial & resale benefits of new windows, this time of year becomes more than a deal, it becomes a steal.

The slow seasons are usually Winter and Summer months. Homeowners tend to be busy during the Summer on vacations, they do not want to be exposed to the elements during the Winter months. Replacing windows means having large sections of the home open, so it can get cold inside the house.

Types of Incentives

Most promotions around window installation are for financing and payment options. It is typically rare to see actual discounts on windows. Other times you will see that installation labor is discounted or fixed.

Choose the Right Replacement Window

Popular windows are vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. They are all versatile in style and color, and are efficient.

Seeking the advice of your window installer is a good idea when figuring out how to save money both now and in the future.

Choose the Right Window Company

An honest window installation company will suggest the best options for you, not the best options for their company. They will be courteous, fast, prompt, and have enough experience to accurately predict how much it will cost so there are no surprises.

Be sure to look at the window company’s reputation online. 

  1. Have they been checked by expertise.com?
  2. Are they the top 3 window companies in your city?
  3. What’s their Birdeye score out of 5 stars?
  4. Were they voted best window company in any location?

Good Installation

Another reason to choose the right window company is for the quality of installation. Things happen, companies are made of humans, and humans make mistakes. However, a good window company will have the experience that reduces the likelihood of poor installation that results in future repairs.

Stick to a Budget

Know what you want to spend. Prior to looking for new windows, take some time to create a realistic budget. Your budget will become the filter with which you weed out and choose the right

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