Port Orchard Replacement Windows

When entering a room in your house, do your windows let light in, or are they drafty and dark? Does it feel safe to move around the space with all those open vents on either side of them? A replacement window project can make our homes seem more appealing by providing ventilation and illumination.

Lake Washington Windows is your go-to window replacement company in Port Orchard and throughout Kitsap County, WA, including Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo. We provide beautiful high quality, energy-efficient windows that will help you save money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

We also offer a wide range of professional installation services, so you can be sure your new windows will be installed correctly and look great. Contact us today to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary in-home window consultation!

“The person who worked with us to pick out the best windows for our needs was knowledgable, friendly and genuine. The installers were outstanding; they explained the process thoroughly at the start and address any question we had related to the installation. They work efficiently as a team and finished on time and the new windows looks great.”

– Steven L.

The Perfect Replacement Windows for Every Port Orchard Home

We believe in quality and reliability, which is why we trust only Milgard and Andersen for our window solutions. Their exceptional product quality and stellar reputation ensure that our customers receive the best in window innovation and design, backed by industry-leading warranties, every single time.

Milgard Ultra Series Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Embrace a more sustainable future with Milgard Ultra Series fiberglass windows. These leading-edge windows use silica sand to provide maximum energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Their design ensures that the frame and glass expand and contract together, effectively preventing warping and prolonging window life.

Milgard Tuscany Series Vinyl Replacement Windows

Step beyond the ordinary with the Milgard Tuscany Series vinyl windows. These beautiful frames provide unparalleled structural strength, advanced UV inhibitors, and efficient glass, featuring design lines that capture the essence of classic wood windows, lending a sophisticated, custom look to your Port Orchard home.

Milgard Trinsic Series Vinyl Replacement Windows

For a vinyl window with a modern flair, the Milgard Trinsic Series is the go-to for homeowners. Their unique design minimizes the appearance of frames and hardware, maximizing the glass area for a sleek and stylish window that can modernize any home.

Andersen E-Series Aluminum Clad-Wood Replacement Windows

Bring timeless elegance to your Port Orchard home with the Andersen E-Series clad-wood windows. These windows, made with exceptional wood, offer diverse customization, including various wood species and finishes. Andersen’s expertise shines in their wood protection, with each window clad to withstand weather, offering a low-maintenance, paint-free exterior. Energy-efficient, strong, and durable, these windows are an excellent choice for an enduring, sophisticated addition.

Experience the Benefits of Port Orchard Replacement Windows

Windows should provide an airtight seal against the elements and do their job to keep your Port Orchard home temperature comfortable – without costing a fortune.

The advantages of replacing windows are numerous; they are more energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and create better insulation.

With energy-efficient windows, you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Windows rated with an ENERGY STAR label block ultraviolet radiation from entering the home, keeping furniture, fabrics, and fixtures looking newer for longer.

Your home will also look great with replacement windows that complement the existing architecture or offer a new look without needing a complete renovation. They also provide improved insulation from external noise and good soundproofing from within the house.

Homeowners appreciate how updated windows are more attractive, safer, and easier to use

Need help deciding which windows to choose for your house? Check out our window types guide.

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When Should Port Orchard Homeowners Consider Window Replacement?

Over time windows can become worn and drafty, making it difficult to keep your home comfortable. There are a few signs that it may be time to replace your windows:

  • Take a look at the frames. If they are cracked or rotting, it’s time for new windows. Drafty windows are also a sign that it’s time to replace them. You can check for drafts by holding a lit candle near the window. If the flame flickers, there is likely a draft coming in.
  • If your energy bills have been increasing, new windows can help you save money by increasing the insulation of your Port Orchard home.

Why Choose Lake Washington Windows?

An Award-Winning Replacement Window Company You Can Trust

Lake Washington Windows is proud to serve Port Orchard and the entirety of Kitsap County, including Bremerton and Silverdale. We invite you to experience the service that has earned us multiple online and in-person awards and the difference our high-quality, expertly installed replacement windows can make in your home. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, no-pressure in-home window consultation and experience the transformation new windows can bring to you!

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