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Patio door replacement can improve your home’s exterior appearance and energy efficiency. It can also allow more light in, dramatically brightening your home’s interior.

A properly chosen patio door can seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The right patio door can brighten your home’s interior, and can serve to visually ‘invite’ your family or guests to venture outside and enjoy your patio & backyard.

Lake Washington Windows offers countless patio door styles, with your choice of frame materials, including vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and clad-wood. Basic configuration choices that probably come to mind are hinged (swinging) vs. sliding patio doors – but beyond the basics, there are literally hundreds of configuration options.

We undoubtedly have a patio door style that’s perfect for your home – if you’d like some help with installation ideas, we invite you to give us a call or message us online to arrange a free in-home consultation!

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We had patio doors installed in our previous home and were very satisfied with the experience and the doors. When we moved into our current home, we didn’t waste time in contacting Lake Washington Windows and Doors to install the same kind of patio doors. Once again very satisfied with the doors and the whole experience.

Jean G., Renton, WA

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Patio Door Styles and Configurations

Sliding glass or ‘swing-out’ style patio doors are popular choices – especially for rooms where interior space is limited.

Sliding glass doors are extremely functional and available in 2-panel, 3-panel, and even 4-panel configurations, up to sixteen feet wide. Sliding doors are also low-maintenance because they involve less hardware, compared to a swinging door. Today’s sliding glass doors are extremely durable, and come equipped with high-quality hardware and new dual-point locks that provide added security. If you prefer the look of traditional French Doors, we have sliding models with widened stiles and rails designed specifically to emulate French Door styling.

Hinged Out-swing doors feature a more traditional French door look, and do not interfere with valuable interior space. Out-swing doors are also available in 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel configurations. Similarly, in-swing patio doors come in multiple configurations and offer the same traditional French door look.

Why Replace my Patio Door?

In addition to aesthetic appeal, there are many compelling reasons to consider replacing aging patio doors. First, modern doors incorporate recently devoped energy-saving improvements (such as “Low-E” glass options) and improved frame-seal construction… It’s not uncommon to notice a draft standing next to an older patio door. Secondly, improved lock designs can dramatically reinforce your home’s security. Even if you’re not at the point of having to jam a stick in the frame of your old slider, securing all doors in your home is an important first-line of defense that’s worth serious consideration.

Additional Options

examples of different types of patio doors

Patio Door configuration examples: from left to right, single swing-out, dual-sliding, and double, triple, quadruple swing-out styles represent just a small sample of the options available – We’re always happy to assist you in finding the perfect match for your home – just ask!

Whatever style of sliding or swinging patio door you’re considering, most are available with countless options (i.e. handle styles, lock types, “Low-E” glass, etc.), to meet your performance and security requirements.

At Lake Washington Windows & Doors, we offer the latest patio door models from respected manufacturers, including Milgard, Therma-Tru, and Simpson.

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Lake Washington Windows has proudly partnered with Milgard, Therma-Tru and Simpson to provide you with patio doors (as well as entry doors) of the highest quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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