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Entry Doors Intro

Entry doors are often called front doors, entrance doors, exterior doors, and external doors. They can be a front, side, or back door. We’ll use these terms interchangeably at times, and differentiate at others.


Front Doors Seattle

You see a beautiful house, how do you describe it? “It was a beautiful dark blue home, white trim, and oh, that front door, wow.”

Now, imagine how that conversation would go without a front door at least as beautiful as the home. Probably something like, “It was a really nice place. I feel like the door didn’t quite fit the rest of the house, but it was nice.” What a “meh” description for an otherwise great house.

Front doors protect you from intruders and the elements, and affect the efficiency of your home, but just as importantly, your front door pulls the style of your home together. It’s also the first touch point a person has with your house, so it’s impact on how your visitor experiences your home’s atmosphere is immense. Does the door visually impress? Does it feel good in their hands? How does it sound when your guest knocks – hollow or solid? What’s the hardware like?

What about curb appeal? If you’re selling your home, then you likely know the importance of appearance. You want the highest price, and nothing convinces a buyer like the “wow factor.” Give them the wow factor.

Whether it’s a front door, side door, or back door, your entrance door has a tough job. It has to look the part, and play protector, greeter, and be well versed in environmental conservation.

Modern Front Door & Entry Door Materials

Today’s entry door systems are made of various materials that each carries their own unique qualities. The most popular entry door systems are made of fiberglass and wood.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass entry doors have become the material of choice in recent years because of their low-maintenance qualities, energy efficiency, and increased design options. Fiberglass doors come in several sizes and styles, and are available with many beautiful decorative glass options.

In addition you can paint or stain fiberglass doors to match nearly any home design. Therma-Tru is a leading fiberglass entry door manufacturer with a long and distinguished history of producing high-quality, versatile door systems. With many options and styles to choose from, Therma-Tru doors are a great choice for replacing your old, drafty, or ugly front door.

Fiberglass Door Benefits

If you have lots of traffic come through an entry point, the fiberglass is likely the best option as an entrance door. They’re versatile and come with some great benefits:

  • Wood appearance – grain texture can be molded into the door
  • Energy efficient – usually have foam insulation & weather stripping
  • Can be stained or painted – match or compliment your house’s exterior
  • Durable & weather-resistant – less maintenance

Wood Doors

For those who prefer old world elegance and traditional styling, Lake Washington Windows & Doors offers a classy lineup of wood entry doors by Simpson Doors. Simpson Doors come in a variety of wood species including:

  • Douglas fir
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Alder and
  • Hemlock.

With any of these wood species, Simpson can add a wide collection of decorative glass designs. Although wood doors require a bit more maintenance than its fiberglass counterpart, a properly painted or stained wood door can provide years of wonderful service. At Lake Washington Windows & Doors, we will recommend wood doors in only the most appropriate applications to ensure the best long-term results.

Wood Door Benefits

Wood doors are often used for traditional homes, although they have benefits that anyone would like:

  • Heavy
  • Options – there are many types of wood as shown above
  • Secure
  • Dent-resistant
  • Can be made with or without glass inlets
  • Made with frame and panel construction

Wood Door Drawbacks

  • You’ll have to regularly maintain the door – painting/staining
  • May warp over time due to moisture absorbing

Standard Entry Door & Frame Size

Standard entry door measurements:

  • Height: 80-inches (6-feet, 8-inches)
  • Thickness: 1 ¾-inches
  • Width: 30, 32, & 36-inches

Custom Entrance Doors

We can give you the door you need or want. Seven or eight foot door? Double doors? Custom-made? Call us for details.

Entrance Door Brands

  • Provia
    • Fiberglass
    • Steel
    • Wood finish

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