Seattle Entry Door & Front Door Replacement & Installation

Entry doors serve as both the welcoming focal point of your home and a critical barrier, blending aesthetics and security to make a lasting first impression while ensuring peace of mind.

Basics of Front Door Styles

The styles of front doors available today are as diverse as the homes they secure, ranging from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

Classic Doors

Often feature wood finishes with ornate details, such as paneling and glass inserts, invoking a timeless elegance.

Contemporary Doors

Lean towards clean lines, minimalist features, and innovative materials like fiberglass and steel, offering a sleek, modern look.

Rustic Doors

Bring warmth and character with rugged textures and natural finishes, ideal for country or cottage-style homes. Additionally, the growing trend of smart doors incorporates advanced technologies for enhanced security and convenience, reflecting the evolving needs of the modern homeowner.

Front Door Materials

Choosing the right material for your front door is crucial for the aesthetics, durability, and security of your home. Each material offers unique advantages:


  • Durability: Fiberglass doors are known for their resilience against warping, denting, and rusting, making them ideal for harsh or humid climates.

  • Energy Efficiency: With excellent insulation properties, fiberglass doors help maintain indoor temperature, contributing to energy savings.

  • Low Maintenance: These doors require minimal upkeep, retaining their appearance without the need for frequent painting or staining.


  • Security: Steel doors offer superior strength and durability, providing a high level of security against intrusions.

  • Cost-Effective: They are generally more affordable than other materials, offering good value for homeowners looking for quality on a budget.

  • Energy Efficiency: Steel doors often come with foam core insulation, making them effective at keeping heat in during winter and out during summer.

Fiberglass with Woodgrain Finish

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Fiberglass doors with a woodgrain finish combine the durability of fiberglass with the classic beauty of wood, offering a visually appealing entrance without the maintenance demands of real wood.

  • Low Maintenance: Unlike genuine wood doors, these fiberglass doors resist warping, rotting, and denting, maintaining their elegant appearance with minimal upkeep.

  • Energy Efficiency: These doors are engineered with insulating cores and precise fitting frames, effectively reducing energy transfer. This ensures your home remains comfortable while potentially lowering heating and cooling costs.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wood doors add natural beauty and elegance to any home, offering a warm and inviting entrance.

  • Customization: They can be easily customized in terms of size, style, and finish to match your home’s décor.

  • Considerations: While wood doors are unmatched in beauty and versatility, they require more maintenance than fiberglass or steel, including regular painting or staining to protect against the elements.

ProVia logo

ProVia Entry Doors

Provia is renowned for its exceptional range of front doors, meticulously crafted to blend unparalleled durability with distinctive style. Offering a variety of materials including steel and fiberglass, Provia doors are designed to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, security, and aesthetic diversity. From the elegance of their Heritage™ fiberglass series to the robustness of their Legacy™ steel collection, Provia ensures homeowners can find the perfect door to enhance both the functionality and curb appeal of their homes. As a ProVia Platinum Dealer, we dedicate ourselves to offering expert guidance and crafting customized solutions that align with your unique requirements and tastes, whether you’re interested in prehung doors, advanced door systems featuring pet doors, or front entry doors enhanced with decorative glass.

Embarq® Fiberglass Entry Doors

Recognized as the most energy-efficient door available in the U.S., the Embarq series is designed for superior thermal performance, featuring a thicker door construction that reduces energy transfer. Its custom heights and widths allow for a tailored fit, enhancing both the appearance and insulation of your home.

Signet® Fiberglass Doors

These doors mimic the authentic grain of real wood, offering the warmth and look of wood but with the durability and low maintenance of fiberglass. The Signet series comes in various wood grain options, including Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, and Fir, with customizable stain and paint finishes. This series combines beauty with performance, offering enhanced security features and durability.

Heritage™ Fiberglass Doors

Offering the classic look of wood with the longevity and insulating values of fiberglass, the Heritage series is designed for those who desire traditional styling and a solid feel to their entry door. Available in a wide range of paint colors and stains, these doors feature enhanced detailing, customizable glass options, and high durability, making them a versatile choice for many homes.

Legacy™ Steel Doors

ProVia’s Legacy Steel doors provide top-of-the-line security and durability without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. They are constructed with 20-gauge steel, making them one of the strongest and most durable doors available on the market. These doors are ideal for homeowners looking for enhanced security, energy efficiency, and a variety of style options, including woodgrain textures and a broad palette of colors.

ProVia Entry Doors Additional Options



Knotty Alder



Smooth Skin

Customizable Aesthetics

ProVia entry doors are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures, enabling homeowners to achieve the perfect look for their home’s entrance. Whether you’re looking for the classic elegance of woodgrain finishes or the bold statement of smooth steel, ProVia has the options to fulfill your vision.

Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt in Black with Century Trim


Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt in Satin Nickel

Schlage Accent Lever Electronic Lockset in Bright Brass


Advanced Security Features

Prioritize your home’s safety with ProVia’s cutting-edge security options, including multi-point locking systems and reinforced door frames. These features are designed to provide peace of mind through enhanced protection against forced entry.

Energy Efficiency Enhancements

Opt for ProVia’s energy-efficient doors to help reduce your energy bills and improve your home’s comfort. With options like triple-pane glass, ComforTech™ glazing technology, and professional sealing, these doors are built to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Decorative Glass

Accentuate your entry door with ProVia’s stunning range of decorative glass options. Whether you prefer the intricate detail of handcrafted beveled glass, the privacy of frosted or textured patterns, or the vibrant hues of stained glass, each selection is designed to enhance natural light while reflecting your distinct style.

Grid Styles

Transform your door’s appearance with ProVia’s versatile grid style options. Choose from classic colonial patterns that add traditional charm, contemporary geometric designs for a modern twist, or prairie grids that provide a minimalist aesthetic. Tailor your entry door with these intricate details to complement your home’s unique character.


Elevate your entryway with ProVia’s extensive selection of decorative glass inserts and hardware options. From stained glass patterns that add a touch of artistry to elegant handle sets in various finishes, customize your door to be a true reflection of your personal style.

Schlage Classic Accent/Addison Keyed Lockset in Satin Nick

Schlage Classic Latitude Lever in Satin Nickel w/ Century Trim Keyed Lockset

Schlage Classic Latitude Lever in Satin Nickel w/ Collins Trim Keyed Lockset

Schlage Classic Addison Trim in Black

Schlage Classic Addison Trim in Satin Nickel

Schlage Classic Thumbturn 1″ Deadbolts in Antique Brass

Impact and Weather Resistance

For those in harsh weather regions, ProVia offers doors designed to withstand the elements, including impact-resistant materials and weatherstripping that ensures durability and long-term performance.

Why Should I Replace My Entry Door?

Upgrading your entry door is more than just a facelift for your home’s exterior; it’s a strategic improvement that enhances security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal. Here’s why replacing your entry door is a smart investment:

  • Enhanced Security: New doors come with advanced locking mechanisms and stronger materials, significantly boosting your home’s security against potential intruders.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Modern doors are designed with better insulation properties, reducing drafts and lowering energy costs by maintaining indoor temperature levels.

  • Boosted Curb Appeal: A new entry door can dramatically transform the look of your home, adding charm and character that elevates its overall appearance.

  • Higher Home Value: Upgrading to a high-quality entry door can increase your home’s value, offering an attractive return on investment for homeowners planning to sell.

  • Reduced Maintenance: Newer doors are made with materials that withstand the elements better, requiring less upkeep and saving time and money on maintenance in the long run.

Entry Doors FAQ

1. What types of entry doors does Lake Washington Windows and Doors offer? We offer a wide selection of entry doors, including fiberglass, steel, and fiberglass with woodgrain finish doors, from top manufacturers like ProVia. Each type comes with unique benefits, such as enhanced security, energy efficiency, and customizable aesthetics to match any home style.

2. Can I customize my entry door? Yes, customization is at the heart of our offerings. You can choose from various colors, finishes, glass options, and hardware styles to create an entry door that perfectly reflects your personal taste and complements your home’s architecture.

3. How do entry doors improve home security? Our entry doors are equipped with advanced security features, including durable materials, reinforced lock areas, and multi-point locking systems, providing robust protection against break-ins and enhancing your peace of mind.

4. Are your entry doors energy efficient? Absolutely. Our doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring technologies like tight-sealing weatherstripping and insulated cores. This helps to keep your home comfortable while reducing energy costs.

5. How long does it take to install a new entry door? The installation time can vary based on the complexity of the project and the door type. However, most installations are completed within a day, minimizing disruption to your routine.

6. How do I maintain my new entry door? Maintenance requirements depend on the door material. Fiberglass and steel doors typically require minimal upkeep, just regular cleaning and occasional hardware checks. Wood doors may need more care, such as periodic staining or painting to protect against the elements.

7. What is the warranty on your entry doors? Our entry doors come with comprehensive warranties that cover materials and workmanship. The specific terms vary by manufacturer, but rest assured, we stand behind the quality of our products and installation services.

8. How do I know if I need to replace my entry door? Signs that you might need a new entry door include noticeable drafts, difficulty opening or closing, visible damage or warping, and increased outside noise. Upgrading can enhance your home’s security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal.

9. What should I consider when choosing a new entry door? Consider the door’s material, energy efficiency, security features, style, and how it complements your home’s exterior. Our experts can help guide you through the selection process to find the perfect door for your needs.

10. How can I get an estimate for a new entry door? Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll discuss your needs, assess your home, and provide a detailed estimate for your entry door replacement project.

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  • Pierce County
  • South Snohomish County

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