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“You get a sense of the company you will be working with based in large part on first impressions.

We met with several companies but what struck us immediately about the representative at Lake Washington Windows & Doors was that he was very informative, listened attentively, and patient throughout the meeting. Most sales people like to talk about how good their windows are and how great their company is. The representative at Lake Washington Windows & Doors was more concerned about what we wanted and helped guide us to a product and design that fit us the best.

After deciding to go with them, their installers showed up on time and were professional, courteous, and prompt through the 3 day process. We are very pleased with our decision to choose Lake Washington Windows & Doors.”

– Krishna, Issaquah WA

Financial Benefits Of Home Window Replacement

Financial benefits of replacing old or leaky home windows can be significant. Some of the financial reasons that new residential windows can be a smart move:

  • Save money by cutting energy costs: old window seals and single pane glass windows allow energy to seep out, draining your wallet in the process. When your house is well insulated, your heating system won’t work as hard, and you won’t have to change the thermostat as often.
  • Write off improvements to your sold home: Many times you can reduce the capital gains tax of selling your house by upgrading and replacing windows.
  • May increase home resale value: Not all home improvements are worth the investment. Some add little to no value to the asking price of a house. Replacing windows is usually the most efficient way to add to the asking price and see a good return-on-investment (ROI).

Other Benefits Of Window Replacement

 The benefits of replacing your residential Issaquah windows extend past financial benefits.

  • Improved comfort even in extreme weather: The energy-efficient windows of today keep you cool in the Summer, and warm in the Winter.
  • Better looking interior and exterior: Updated windows can make your house look newer and change the perception of the home.
  • Improved atmosphere in the home: Everything in your home adds or takes away from the vibe. 

Improved curb appeal: Shiny, eye-popping windows can alter the look of your house, and add to/compliment a new paint job.

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