Awning Window Replacement

What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows swing open from the bottom, which means they are hinged at the top. They typically open outward which allows ventilation while preventing leaves and rain inside. Most often awning windows are used in basements.

Awning Window Drawing diagram

Benefits Of Awning  Windows

Awning windows are excellent when paired with non-operable windows like picture windows. When not used in basements, awning windows are placed above or below the non-operable windows to add airflow capability because they’re smaller than casements or double hung windows. There are a lot of different types of windows, so it’s important to know the benefits of the window style that you’re interested in.

Awning Windows Pros

  • Ease Of Use – A rotating handle makes it easy to open in basements since they’re usually high on the wall, and easy to use when above or below a non-operable window
  • Able To Add Ventilation – Picture windows don’t allow for ventilation, so awning windows are often added above & below to add airflow
  • Save On EnergyEnergy efficient design
  • Versatile Look – The flat exterior frame is convenient for lap siding or brick construction
  • Low-maintenance – The vinyl never needs painting
  • Safety – They are more difficult to crawl through

Awning  Window Sizes

You can have your windows made in any size if you have custom needs. Check out the Milgard or Andersen Performance Ratings and Min/Max Charts.

Awning Windows Sizes By Type & Series

Milgard awning window size and spec charts in PDF form.

Awning Window Design

Ask us about custom window design. Here are the awning  window design styles offered by Milgard or Andersen:

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When it comes to replacement awning windows, Lake Washington Windows & Doors recommends  Milgard or Andersen.


  • Tuscany Series
  • Trinsic Series
  • Styleline Series
  • Essence Series Window Type
  • Ultra Series
  • Aluminum Series
  • Quiet Line Series


  • E-Series
  • 100 Series

Milgard Windows & Doors is the largest window manufacturer in the West, and has a stellar reputation for quality and service. In fact, Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty for material and labor to you, our customer. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to partner with Milgard Windows & Doors for replacement aluminum window products.

Andersen Windows & Doors is a renowned national brand of wood, clad-wood, and composite windows.  For over 115 years, they’ve set high standards for the entire industry and, ultimately, has become America’s premier window manufacturer.

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Awning Window FAQs

Do awning windows open all the way?

Awning windows open outwardly, and can sometimes open a full 90 degrees. However, sometimes they open much less than that.

Can awning windows have screens?

Yes, awning windows can have screens for added protection against dirt getting inside.

How do awning windows work?

Awning windows open outward and from the top, meaning the hinge is at the top of the window. Awning windows open with a crank.

Are awning windows energy efficient?

Awning windows can be very energy efficient.

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