Federal Way Window Replacement

There are many different window types. If you’re considering window replacement in Federal Way, you should be aware of the main varieties, and what benefits they each offer. 

Seven Main Styles

Picture Windows

These are large, fixed windows that provide a view of the outdoors. Metal grids are optional for picture windows, since they obstruct the view somewhat. If your goal is to improve the light and you have a lawn or garden outside that you want to show off, these are perfect for you.

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing open with a hand-crank, and are great for providing ventilation in hard-to-reach areas. The window is easy to open at arm’s length, and has a gasket on all sides which provides a good seal when shut. The only downside with these is that cleaning the window’s exterior can be difficult from inside the house.

Bay Windows

Perfect for kitchens, bay windows extend outwards slightly with angled glass panels, and provide a wide peripheral view that normal windows can’t. Their side windows can usually be opened.

Single-hung Windows 

Ideal for small spaces like bathrooms or tiny bedrooms, single-hung windows are vertical sliders in which only the bottom sash opens. If you need an inexpensive window for a small space, this is probably your best option.

Double-hung Windows

Similar to single-hung windows in size and shape, these are windows in which both sashes can be opened. If you need a little more versatility than single-hung windows, these are perfect for you. They’re available both in hinged and sliding styles, so make sure you discuss the difference with Federal Way window installers before buying. If you have kids or pets these windows may be safer, since you can keep the bottom window closed and open the one on top.

Awning Windows

These are like casement windows, except they open vertically with a slightly different mechanism. Awning windows are often installed in bedrooms, but they’re also suitable for high or narrow places due to the convenient crank mechanism. Since they open vertically, you can keep them opened slightly to keep the rain out.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

As the name suggests, these are sliding windows that open horizontally. They’re the most popular style, because they are versatile, convenient and cost-effective. While they have a lot of pros, some cons include low energy-efficiency and chances of accumulating dirt in the sliding channel (which can be a little annoying to clean).

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Why Should You Consider Replacing Your Windows?

Thinking of replacing old, damaged windows? Excellent decision! Warped, loose, or otherwise damaged windows need to be replaced, and doing so will offer the following benefits

New, energy-efficient windows will provide better insulation against the elements, thus increasing the comfort level in your home both in summer and winter. You’ll have to use your AC or heater less, and you can say goodbye to drafts of cold air.

Older windows often need a lot of maintenance, and replacing them will help you save time and effort. Wooden windows are especially known for being high-maintenance, and you can get them replaced with clad wood windows, which are very low-maintenance while looking just as good. 

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