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With the plastic movement going strong, we’re all more-or-less aware that the Earth is facing problems. One thing many people do not know, however, is that if your windows need replacing, you’ll be helping the environment by getting it done. Additionally, if you choose to go with energy-efficient windows, you’ll be helping the environment a lot more!

We’ve discussed how energy-efficient windows work, but here we want to talk about the environmental link. How would good or bad windows affect the environment, and how exactly are you helping by getting window replacement in Shoreline?

The Need to Save Energy

Energy (or electricity) is, by and large, created by converting coal, natural gas, oil or nuclear power into electricity. Extracting them and the process of converting them into electricity causes massive amounts of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases to be released into the atmosphere.

Another reason why we should use less energy is because electricity is generated using non-renewable resources – i.e., resources such as coal and oil, that are finite and will run out eventually. Efforts are being made to switch to renewable resources such as solar and hydro power, but the shift will take time. And in this time, we’ll continue to steadily consume renewable resources, depleting the earth’s store.

How Energy-Efficient Windows Help the Environment

Energy-efficient windows are better at insulating your home, which means you spend less money and energy on heating and cooling it. How does this help the environment? If your energy consumption goes down even by a small percentage, you’ll use that much less electricity every year for as long as you have those windows.

Now, since you’re using less energy, you’re contributing less to the demand for energy, and doing your part for the environment. We can help you choose the right energy-efficient windows for your home, so you’re using less energy, and getting the most out of your investment.

Why Better Quality Windows Are Better for the Environment 

Lake Washington Windows is an environmentally-responsible local window and door company servicing Shoreline, so we only keep windows by top-tier brands such as Milgard. Buying from a respected company won’t just guarantee better product and service quality, but it’ll also help the environment because the product will last longer and need less repair, and that means less waste is created.

If you get windows from a mediocre brand, chances are higher you’ll need some repair work done, and that the windows won’t last as long. So not only will more products need to be created to fill the need (replacement parts, new windows), but the installers will have to make a lot more trips to and from your home, using more fuel.

Window glass isn’t recyclable, and depending on the material used, the frames may not be recyclable either. Your windows will have to be changed sooner, will go straight to the landfill, and add to the waste problem. Avoid that by investing in high-quality windows that will be an asset to your home.

Shoreline Window Installation

If you need window replacement in Shoreline or surrounding areas, such as Edmonds, and Kenmore, you can get in touch with Lake Washington Windows, which is a trusted local business with over 10 years of experience. You can call us at (425) 255-2600 or fill in a short form online for a free in-home estimate, during which we’ll answer any questions you have about energy efficiency and related subjects.

Our installation crew is efficient and responsible and will get your new windows installed at a predetermined date that works for you. They will never leave your home unsecured during the process, or leave a mess. At Lake Washington Windows we consider customer satisfaction our biggest reward, so we make sure everything is done as you specified, and that you are happy with the results.