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Windows brighten rooms, protect us and the home from the elements, give us fresh air, and enhance your house’s appearance when matched with the architecture. Windows are a necessity of your home. Wood windows in particular offer a light, strong, and attractive option to improve your home. We’re particularly focused on clad-wood windows since they offer the look of wood without the level of maintenance required with all wood windows.

Replace Your Clad-Wood Windows in Seattle

Lake Washington Windows has a wide selection of wood windows in Seattle and installation expertise that you’re looking for!

Before cladded window products were introduced, homes were commonly fitted with solid wood windows.

There are problems with all wood replacement windows (sometimes called real wood windows and solid wood windows), though. All wood windows tended to:

  • Rot
  • Warp
  • Be high maintenance

This led manufacturers to add an exterior cladding to protect their wood windows and improve durability.

Clad-wood Definition

A “clad” wood window features wooden frames on the interior side, while the exterior is protected by cladding made of aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl. This gives the appearance of interior wood windows without the aforementioned problems with wood windows in Seattle.

Today, clad wood products remain very popular with many consumers as they offer:

  • Traditional styling
  • Historically-accurate features, and
  • Multiple color options

Although clad-wood products still require a higher degree of maintenance, they are a great choice for homes and homeowners who are seeking classic style with modern improvements.

Recommended Wood Window Replacement Brands

At Lake Washington Windows & Doors, we are proud to provide our customers with the Provia Aeris line of Wood-Clad Windows. A striking balance between old-world craftsmanship and modern technology, Provia’s manufacturing is done here in the USA. They are an Amish company that has embraced energy-efficiency, durability, and performance to create a world-class line of products.

Their Aeris line of windows is extremely energy efficient, passing the ENERGY STAR certification. Their wood-clad windows all include a high-performance glazing that mitigates heat loss during the temperate and cold months. This also reduces interior condensation, improving the lifespan of the windows. 

If you’re searching for window contractors in the Seattle & King County area, you’ll find that there are a lot of choices. Lake Washington Windows is 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction, and making the window installation process pleasant and hassle-free. We encourage you to contact us online for a free in-home quote or simply to ask a question.

Clad Wood Windows FAQs

What does clad wood mean?

Clad refers to the covering of the wood frame on the exterior of the frame.

How long do wood clad windows last?

How long wood clad windows last is indefinitely with good maintenance.

What are aluminum clad wood windows?

Aluminum clad wood replacement windows are wood windows with aluminum clad on the exterior of the window.

Does Andersen make wood windows?

Yes, Andersen windows makes wood clad windows.

Wood Frame Windows Design Ideas

If you’re just beginning to think about replacing clad-wood windows and looking for some design ideas, then check out our clad wood window photo gallery below for some design and installation examples.

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