Aluminum Replacement Windows

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Aluminum frame windows can improve your home’s curb appeal, make a spectacular view more visible, and modernize your home through its sleek low-profile frame design.

Benefits of Aluminum Replacement Windows

Some of our residential clients have asked about replacing their existing aluminum windows with new aluminum windows. You may ask, “why they don’t opt to upgrade to newer Fiberglass or Vinyl materials which tend to offer higher efficiency and endurance?” The answer is typically that these homeowners are seeking to maintain the contemporary look of their home. Another reason is that aluminum windows often have thinner frames that maximize viewing area, and with silver (anodized aluminum) or dark bronze frames, they provide a modern and commercial character to a building.

Like vinyl windows, aluminum windows have been considerably improved over the years. Some replacement aluminum window improvements:

  • Have deeper frames
  • Offer higher-performing glass packages, and
  • Are built with thermal-break barriers – reduces temperature change, which improves energy efficiency & reduces “sweating” on the frames

Pros of aluminum windows:

  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • High visibility (thin lines)
  • The style/color may match your existing home layout (some homeowners prefer the ‘modern’ look of aluminum)
  • Good noise insulation

Cons of Aluminum Windows

Those are good pros of aluminum frame windows, so what are the cons? Cons of aluminum windows:

  • Best for warm climate – easily conducts heat and cold so they have a high U-value, which means they aren’t the most energy efficient product
  • Get cold very easily – feel cold to the touch, and lose heat
  • Must have thermal break in frame – a strip of rubber or plastic

Reasons why you might consider switching to Fiberglass or Vinyl Windows:

  • Aluminum is less energy efficient (which increases heating and cooling costs)
  • Aluminum is more prone to condensation problems in high moisture areas
  • Aluminum may eventually oxidize and rust in mid to highly corrosive zones

Aluminum Window Design Ideas

If you’re thinking about replacing your residential or commercial aluminum windows and looking for some ideas, you can look through some design ideas for aluminum windows in the photo gallery.

Expert Aluminum Windows Installation Contractors 

When it comes to replacement aluminum windows, Lake Washington Windows & Doors recommends the Milgard Thermal-Break aluminum window. Milgard Windows & Doors is the largest window manufacturer in the West, and has a stellar reputation for quality and service. In fact, Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty for material and labor to you, our customer. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to partner with Milgard Windows & Doors for replacement aluminum window products.

For expert aluminum windows installation, choose Lake Washington Windows.

If you have questions or would like to receive a free consultation, please Contact Us Today!

Aluminum Window FAQs

Are aluminum windows good?

Aluminum windows are good for low cost, low maintenance, and strong windows. Their strength and structural integrity make them ideal for handling the larger sizes

Are aluminum windows bad?

Aluminum windows are bad for heat transfer, and although very strong, they are susceptible to dents, corrosion, and fading. The steel or zinc fasteners used for aluminum windows will corrode and pit, especially in environments like coastal towns with salty air. The enamel finish on aluminum windows is more subject to fading in strong sunlight than the dyes used in vinyl construction.

Are aluminum windows expensive?

Compared to vinyl windows, Aluminum windows can be expensive.

Are Aluminium Windows better than uPVC?

In terms of strength and slimness aluminum windows are better than uPVC windows. Aluminum is stronger so it can be thinner. They also tend to last longer.

How long will aluminum windows last?

Aluminum windows tend to last 20 years without maintenance, and up to 40 with maintenance.

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