Replacement Window Tips: What You Need to Know

Published October 14, 2016
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While the popular belief that replacing your windows can surely cut your spending habits on energy usage, there are more beneficial reasons on why it is effective to do so. On the contrary, there are various factors to consider in order to complete the best purchase on your windows such as research, evaluating costs, design aesthetic, and more. Explore our blog for tips you need to know before making the final decision on which replacement windows will work more efficiently for your home.

Windows to Match Climate

A great tool to utilize is to check out window ratings that specifically correspond to your location. Weather and climate are imperative components to consider when selecting replacement windows. For example, homeowners that are located in areas that experience high winds and lower colder weather should seek out windows that can withstand dropping temperatures and are wind resistant (such as composite, vinyl, or fiberglass).

Spend Wisely

Facing the facts, upgrades can add up to 50 percent or more in costs to your replacement windows. To bypass any unneeded spending, focus on significant features that add value for your home. Just as mentioned above, purchase windows that are perfect for your location and climate and consider other important necessary factors such as energy efficiency, air quality, easy cleaning ability, and etc.  However, if there is an aesthetic feature that you must have or want, by all means get that feature!  Special features like decorative grids, special colors, decorative glass can also add to the value of your home and just as importantly, give you a design you can be happy seeing every day.  Like we tell our clients, if you are going to do this once in your lifetime why not get what you want?  Need more sunlight? Consider finer meshed screens to invite more natural light in without interfering with the view compared to general screens.

Understand Numerical Value for Windows

Here are a few tips on how to understand the numerical components for windows:

U-Factor/U-Value: ranges from .20-1.20. The lower the number, the more efficient a window is at retaining heat.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: ranges from 0-1. The lower the number, the more efficient a window is to deter heat from the sun.

Visible Transmittance: ranges from 0-1 and allows you to understand the amount of visible light that is let in. The higher the number, the more increase in light.

Understand and memorize these values to select windows that will best fit your home and needs.

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