What Door Colors Say About You

Published November 5, 2015
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What color door best represents you and your family?

As someone approaches your house, the first thing they encounter before they enter your home is your door. Did you know that the color of your door can give someone a significant impression about you? Different door colors can represent or symbolize different personality traits or feelings. Doors are simply the focal point of our homes. Curb appeal is an influence, which is a home’s way to draw first impressions of people who pass by. With this, the color of your door can represent the kind of person you are and can symbolize different aspects of your personality. Plus, different cultures have a variety of explanations about the color we choose for the entrance of our residence, also known as “mouth” of our home. Whether you choose a traditional color or your own favorite color, let’s find out how the selection of the color of your door can represent you. If color isn’t quite enough personality for you and your home, take a look at some of our popular front door ideas.


This may be a traditional color, but white can represent a lot more than a neutral atmosphere. It represents purity and virtue for those who approach your home.


Similar to white, gray is a neutral color that can show subtleness to your home. Sometimes it may display an uptight feeling to your home for others viewing your residence, but can be very clean and simple.


Even different shades of color can bring a different impression about you. Light Blue may represent a calm and serene atmosphere, while dark blue can show that your home is filled with positive energy, family importance or tradition.


Comparable to blue, green can also show peace. Green is the color of balance and growth, as well as a representation that your home is welcoming, which may mean you are a person who can host great parties and you love company.


Purple can represent many things such as royalty, wealth, or even represent an artistic side. Surprisingly, it is a popular color for front doors!


Fancy, bold, and pops out. This color can show confidence. In Feng Shui, a red front door means “welcome” or a place where guests can rest and spend the night.


Pink can show that you appreciate the finer things in life- you are a risk taker.


You don’t see many orange doors, but this can represent a modern design.


Black can also represent modern design, but also it is a classic, it is chic, and shows stability in your home.


This color can be tricky with many different meanings attached to it. A yellow front door can range from showing understanding and wisdom, or even leave a perception of jealousy or humor. Basically, yellow stands out and can show multiple sides to who you are.

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