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Published May 5, 2020
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What Is A Sunroom?

A sunroom is also often referred to as a solarium, patio, garden room, or sun porch. It is a room that allows abundant natural light and offers views of the landscape while also sheltering you from poor weather conditions.

Sunrooms are popular additions and updates to homes because they are an easy, fun, and very versatile way to improve your home.

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Who Should Get Sunroom Windows?

Homeowners who want to 

  • experience the outdoors and limit exposure to the weather, hot sun, and/or insects
  • host get-togethers
  • easily add on to their home 

are usually those who want a sunroom.

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Why Replace Sunroom Windows?

If you have a sunroom with old windows, then replacement windows for your sunroom can reduce the energy bills drastically. Well-insulated and properly-installed windows prevent heat from leaking out and ensure fresh air in the spring and summer.

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How To Get A Sunroom

If you decide to DIY your sunroom, here are the high-level steps:

  1. Choose your windows
  2. Determine electrical requirements to build the sunroom
  3. Choose your flooring
  4. Frame your sunroom
  5. Install your windows & door(s)
  6. Install the electrical & fixtures
  7. Exterior siding, trim, etc.
  8. Finish interior – install flooring, lights, etc


What are the best windows for a sunroom?

The best windows for sunrooms are large with narrow frames. This type of window provides the highest amount of visibility. Common sunroom windows are: stationary windows, casement windows, and sliding windows. Awning windows are popular sunroom windows too. They usually go on top of stationary windows to allow air to flow in without interfering with visibility.

How much does it cost to replace a sunroom window?

For an entire job the price will vary wildly, however, a safe estimate would be $1,000-$1,500 for each installed vinyl window in a sunroom depending on the style of window.  So if you have five windows in a sunroom it may cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $7,500 for a professional to install your sunroom windows.

How do you cover a sunroom window?

  1. Shutters
  2. Vertical Blinds
  3. Honeycomb Shades
  4. Roller Shades
  5. Tall Curtains

How do you style a sunroom?

The best way to style a sunroom is to choose a theme. If the sunroom is smaller, perhaps a cozy feel with carpet is a good idea. If it is going to be used as an office, then stick with a fun office theme. We think the Spruce has some great sunroom styling ideas.

Are sunrooms worth it?

The answer really depends on your goal and the type of sunroom you build. The jury is out on whether it’s a good investment for resale value, you can find data going either way. If you want a sunroom, and you want to be in your home for a long time, then it’s probably a good investment.

How big is a normal sunroom?

Popular sunroom sizes: 10′ x 12′ to 16′ x 24′. Sizes will vary to fit any existing deck or concrete slab.

Can I walk on my sunroom roof?

Many sunrooms feature glass on the ceiling. Don’t walk on your sunroom roof, even if it’s a glass alternative.

Does a sunroom add value to your home?

Yes, sunrooms add value to your home.

How do you keep water out of a sunroom?

Here are some ideas for preventing water from leaking into your sunroom.

Do you put curtains in a sunroom?

Curtains can definitely go into a sunroom, especially if it’s short and you want to make it feel taller. Curtains offer easy and effective ways to control the light that is coming in from the side windows.

Do I need a permit to build a sunroom?

You will need to reach out to your municipality for zoning laws to find that out because the criteria are different for every city.

Does a sunroom increase property tax? – source

A sunroom, if it is considered in the square footage of the house,f will almost certainly add property tax to your home because it increases square footage, and therefore, the value of the house. There are criteria that must be met for a sunroom to be counted in the house’s square footage.

What is the point of a sunroom?

The point of a sunroom is to enjoy outside while being sheltered from the elements like heat, cold, and insects. They can even be temperature controlled.

Are sunrooms included in square footage?

For a sunroom to qualify as gross livable space it must meet 2 criteria:

  1. “It is heated & cooled by the same system that services the rest of the house. If a sunroom has a separate method of climate control such as a space heater or window-mounted air conditioner, it most likely will not be included in a home’s total square footage.”
  2. “How well integrated is the sunroom with the rest of the house? Most sunrooms extend out from the side of a residence. If it is entered through a former back door and an exterior wall separates the addition from the rest of the house, it is usually a good indication that the construction quality of the sunroom is not as high as the structure it was added on to. Other indicators include a floor that is less finished than the flooring elsewhere, and a roof that does not reflect the style of the main roof.” – source
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