Signs That You Need a New Door

Published August 10, 2015
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The drafts, the squeaks, the cracks—all these things are your door’s way of trying to tell you something. Like everything else, doors have a lifespan. They can be maintained for years and years, but eventually they’ll need replacing; just like carpets, windows, furniture, and other household items that receive daily wear and tear will all need replacing. Some door problems are easily fixable, DIY projects. All the door needs is a little TLC and it’s good as new. However, sometimes the problems are more than skin deep. The question is: how do you know when that “quick-fix” is actually a sign that your door needs to be replaced? We’ve laid out a few of the most common signs that indicate you need a door replacement. Once you have confirmed the need for a new door, explore our front door ideas to take you to the next step.


No matter if it’s hot air or cold air leaking through, a draft is bad news. On top of being inefficient—making air conditioners and heaters work harder to maintain your home’s temperature—if a draft can sneak through your door, other bugs and critters might be able to as well. Bottom line: fix the draft, or a host of other problems is bound to ensue. So, if you feel a draft in your house and you run down the checklist of possible sources, make sure to check your door. Sometimes it’s just a matter of replacing the seal. Other times, it means the door’s better years are behind it, and it’s time for a replacement. If you’re living in a colder place, make sure to take a look at Best Exterior Doors for Cold Weather before you make your decision.

Trouble opening and closing

There’s no one reason for why a door becomes a struggle to open or close. Most often, it is simply a sign of age. Parts wear down, the door warps, the hinges bend—these are just the realities of consistent use. Whatever the reason, trouble operating your door is a safety and security issue that needs prompt fixing. Whether the problem is a quick fixer-upper or necessitates a replacement can only be judged by a professional. Depending on the damage, replacing the door entirely may be the most cost-effective option.

Visible Cracks

Many door problems can be gray areas in regard to what kind of action you should take—visible cracks are not a gray area. In addition to potentially causing drafts, it’s also a sign of dangerous structural weakness. Replace as soon as possible. If you live in an area with extreme weather, like severe heat, cold, or moisture, then damage to the door is bound to happen. The most cost-effective solution is to replace with a door made of material that can handle bad weather, like fiberglass. Fiberglass can be made with a beautiful woodgrain appearance, while also able to withstand the elements.

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