Reasons to Consider Installing Triple Pane Windows

Published January 3, 2017
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As homeowners face cooler temperatures during the winter, it is important to consider long term investments. For example, have you ever considered upgrading your windows? Added insulation provided by triple pane windows can create a warmer atmosphere and benefits your home in many ways for years to come. Want to save money on energy bills? Check out the top four reasons why installing triple pane windows can be a valuable addition to your home for the winter.


Installing triple pane windows creates a warmer indoor atmosphere in your home, even in the chill of winter. Triple pane windows have one extra sheet of glass in comparison to your standard double pane window that only has two. This additional pane adds a supplemental layer of comfort as it insulates against extreme outside conditions. In opposition to the summer, this in return will keep your summers cooler as well. Regardless of the season, upgrading your windows will regulate your homes indoor temperature all year long.


Are you aware of energy efficient windows? Triple pane windows (as mentioned above) will keep your winters warmer and your summer’s cooler by having a low U-factor and high R-value. The lower the U-factor equates to a better-insulating window. The higher the R-value, the better resistant a window is to heat conduction. Also, according to PNNL’s LAB Homes study, results concluded energy usage decreased by 12.2 percent with installing triple pane windows in comparison to double-pane (standard) windows.  As a whole, this results to a considerable amount of savings  both financially and environmentally.


With the additional glass layers, triple pane windows provide more strength and security. With the holidays, come unwanted burglaries. However, triple pane windows add an extra layer of protection, as they can be difficult to break through. Also, the extra layer adds wind resistance during harsh environmental conditions. Enjoy the rest of your winter with extra comfort and a peace of mind.


Condensation takes place where humid air comes into contact with air that is at a lower temperature. With more insulated windows, the temperature increases in the inside glazing surface and condensation is less likely to occur. Therefore, having triple pane windows are beneficial for homeowners due to the extra pane of glass, which reduces the chance of condensation.

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