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Published September 27, 2016
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Another season has arrived, which means different styles and trends can be utilized to spruce up your home. Fall brings beautiful warm colors and intriguing patterns that you can incorporate for outdoor decorations. Expand your horizons by exploring this blog to see how the exterior of your home can integrate current fall trends.

Choose Color

The best thing about having color incorporated in your fall decorations is that it helps your home stand out and represents what your unique style. Style your exterior by choosing a single color or mixing colors to add curb appeal to your home. Choose bold colors such as red, orange, yellow, and different shades of brown to make a statement and to blend in with the season!

Pick Pumpkins

Probably one of the more obvious choices, but having pumpkins is a must for fall decorations! Add them to your front porch for Halloween as well. The best thing about pumpkins is that they can be used as a blank canvas to carve any detail, word or number on them. Another creative idea is to incorporate DIY rustic pumpkins to your fall decorations. A creative spin on traditional decorations will surely make your home distinct.

Add Natural Elements

Fall is a season of bright warm colors, but also natural elements such as corn, pumpkins, leaves, branches, and more. Adding them to your front porch will help you follow the fall theme and enhance the appeal of your door, stairs and windows. One idea is to have a beautiful wreath on your door featuring flowers, pumpkins, sticks, and leaves for the fall feel!

Tasteful Textures

Implemented texture is a simple and innovative idea to integrate outdoors. Everyday items can be used, especially plants if you are looking to stay on a budget. For example, try setting up a pair of antlers or tools to make a vintage or unique decoration. Using metal items is perfect for this chilly season. Additionally, even adding a stream of lights can make your decorated space lively and have more depth.

Create a Cozy Section to Sit In

Fall is a beautiful season from the colorful falling leaves to the cool weather. Do you have a small chair, swing or porch bench already placed in the front of your home? Try adding colorful or patterned pillows and blankets to stay cozy in the crisp fall weather. As mentioned previously, adding pumpkins and flowers can add even more beauty to this relaxing spot.

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