Top Modern Front Door Styles for Homeowners in 2024

Published January 29, 2024
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We understand the evolving trends in home design, and in 2024, we’re seeing an exciting array of modern front door styles that cater to aesthetic appeal and practical needs. These doors are available in materials like energy-efficient fiberglass and high-security steel and in various designs, colors, and finishes that blend style, natural light, security, and privacy. Let’s take a look at some of the top modern front door styles that are being installed in homes across the nation.

Privacy Glass Entry Door Design

The contemporary trend in home design has seen a rising popularity for front doors that combine privacy glass with modern aesthetics. For additional inspiration, take a look at the application of glass in some of these popular front door ideas.

This stylish fusion boosts curb appeal while offering homeowners a sense of security and seclusion. The privacy glass allows natural light through while keeping out prying eyes, creating a welcoming yet intimate entrance. These modern doors come in various materials, including energy-efficient fiberglass and high-security steel, and various colors and finishes, including sandstone, rustic bronze, truffle, and more, adding a warm and sophisticated touch to the façade.

The privacy glass trend caters to the growing demand for a home that feels open and protected, reflecting a design philosophy that values sleek, clean lines and functional innovation. With their beautiful, obscured glass patterns and strong, durable materials, these doors stand at the intersection of art and engineering, making them a coveted choice for modern homeowners.

Legacy™ 115 In Sandstone With Privacy Glass

Legacy™ Steel 115 In Rustic Bronze

Signet® 115 In Clover With Privacy Glass

Signet® 420-DS In Truffle With Carmen Wrought Iron Glass

Heritage™ 430-2P Smooth Fiberglass Door In Sandstone With Gluechip Privacy Glass

Signet® Cherry 449-1PP With Simulated Divided Lites And Chinchilla Privacy Glass

High-Security Steel Front Doors

The trend towards high-security steel front doors is gaining momentum as homeowners prioritize safety without compromising style.

These robust doors offer a fortress-like barrier against intruders, leveraging the strength of steel, reinforced with heavy-duty locks and non-removable hinge pins. Incorporating advanced technologies, such as multi-point locking systems and smart lock compatibility, further enhances their appeal.

Far from being purely utilitarian, these steel doors come in various designs to satisfy diverse aesthetic preferences, from sleek industrial styles to those mimicking traditional wood textures. Additionally, energy efficiency is a key focus, with many steel doors providing excellent insulation, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs.

This blend of security, functionality, and design makes high-security steel entry doors dominant in modern home design.

Legacy™ Steel 460 In Snow Mist White With Internal Blinds

Legacy™ Steel 440-2P In Snow Mist White With Internal Blinds

Legacy™ Steel 006 In Mountain Berry

Simple Color Variations

A simple color change can dramatically alter the character of a home’s front door, transforming not just the entrance but the entire facade’s vibe.

The color of a front door is more than just a hue; it’s a statement of the home’s personality and the inhabitants’ style. It can reflect the home’s architectural style or provide a contrasting pop that defines the property’s curb appeal.

Where a classic white door may convey traditional elegance, a bold red can introduce a vibrant, welcoming energy. A deep blue might evoke a serene, trustworthy aura, while a sunny yellow infuses a burst of cheerful optimism.

The choice of color is a powerful tool in the homeowner’s palette, capable of conveying style, emotion, and identity with a single stroke.

Signet® Fir 420DS In Caramel With Dentil Shelf And Simulated Divided Lites

Signet® Fir 420DS In Espresso With Dentil Shelf And Simulated Divided Lites

Signet® Fir 420DS In Blueberry With Dentil Shelf And Simulated Divided Lites

Simulated Dividing Lights and Grids

Front doors featuring simulated dividing lights and grids retain popularity and practicality in modern home design, marrying classic charm with contemporary needs.

These design elements, reminiscent of traditional window panes, add architectural interest and texture to a door’s appearance, enhancing its visual appeal. The grids create a sense of symmetry and order, offering a timeless and versatile aesthetic.

Beyond their enduring popularity, these simulated details provide the practical benefits of easier cleaning and maintenance compared to true divided light doors and improved energy efficiency since they often sit between multiple panes of insulated glass.

This combination of low upkeep and energy consciousness ensures that doors with simulated dividing lights and grids continue to be a favored choice for homeowners who desire the historical look without sacrificing the conveniences of modern living.

Signet® Fir 420DS With Natural Leather Glaze

Legacy™ 460DC-EG In Mountain Berry With External Grids

Signet® Cherry 449-1PP With Simulated Divided Lites And Chinchilla Privacy Glass

Signet® French Doors Cherry 449-1PP With Internal Grids In Cinnamon

Signet® Door Cherry 449-1PP With Internal Grids In Cinnamon

Signet® Mahogany 440-2P In Nutmeg With Simulated Divided Lites

Signet® Fir 460-M3 Simulated Divided Panels In Honey Wheat

Legacy™ Steel 440-2P In Black With White Internal Grids

Modern Decorative Glass

Once a luxury afforded only by the affluent, showcasing intricate stained glass designs, modern manufacturing has made decorative glass accessible for all homeowners in various styles and budgets.

Today’s decorative glass doors artfully balance privacy and natural light, offering varying levels of privacy using traditional and contemporary design patterns.

Advances in materials have also enhanced the durability and security of these glass elements, integrating toughened glass that resists breakage. Another significant leap forward is the energy efficiency that modern decorative glass provides, with double and triple-glazing options to keep homes highly insulated.

With the ability to incorporate colors, textures, and customized designs, decorative glass front doors continue to offer a personal touch to modern door styles, proving that this age-old concept can evolve while maintaining its status as an exquisite home entrance.

Signet® Oak 150 In Espresso With Eclipse Decorative Glass

Signet® Knotty Alder 460 In Truffle With Carlisle Decorative Glass

Signet® 440-1PP In American Cherry With Essence Decorative Glass

Legacy™ Steel 150 In Forest Green With Eclipse Decorative Glass

Signet® 430-2P In Truffle With Lincoln Inspirations™ Glass

Embarq® 440-2P Fiberglass Door In Dutch Gray Glaze With Laurence Decorative Glass

Solid Wood, the Oldest Door Style in History

The origins of solid wood doors trace back to the earliest architectural records and continue to hold ground as a modern choice in a world of evolving design trends.

The enduring appeal of solid wood lies in its natural beauty; the unique grain patterns and warm finishes create an organic charm that can’t be replicated.

However, the modern market has seen a rise in doors made from low-maintenance, high-efficiency materials like fiberglass and steel, which mimic the traditional woodgrain aesthetic.

These materials cater to contemporary preferences by blending the classic look of wood with practical benefits such as ease of maintenance and improved energy efficiency, offering an innovative solution that respects traditional design while meeting modern needs.

Signet® Oak 002P-440 Dutch Glazed Gray

Signet® Knotty Alder 002CP In Espresso With Panel Planks, Hinge Straps And Clavos

Signet® 003 In Mahogany Hazelnut

Signet® Fir 003C In Coal Black

Signet® Fir 003C In Vallis Red With Esmond Decorative Glass

Signet® 002CP-437 Knotty Alder In Caramel

Signet® Cherry 002CP-449 In Coffee Bean With Laurence Decorative Glass

There’s Only One Company to Choose for Modern Entry Doors

When it comes to entry doors, there’s only one company that we trust to provide complete customer satisfaction every single time.

ProVia doors are a testament to craftsmanship and durability, offering a sophisticated blend of beauty and security to homeowners who refuse to compromise on quality.

Rooted in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, ProVia’s craftsmanship heritage is woven into the fabric of their products. Each ProVia door is meticulously constructed with the finest materials to ensure energy efficiency, longevity, and performance. With a commitment to sustainability and American-made craftsmanship, ProVia doesn’t just meet industry standards—it exceeds them.

Their doors are customizable to fit any modern aesthetic, ensuring that your home’s entryway will be a statement piece and a steadfast guardian against the elements.

ProVia Embarq Fiberglass Doors

Experience the future of energy-efficient doors with the ProVia Embarq fiberglass entry door. These amazing front doors are innovatively engineered with channels and a polyurethane core to ensure unmatched insulation. With their rich wood-mimicking appearance, you get to keep the timeless look of wood with all the benefits of the most efficient door material on the market.

ProVia Signet Fiberglass Doors

Another front door that appears like beautiful, authentic wood but offers top-tier energy efficiency, ProVia’s Signet fiberglass doors achieve a gorgeous look with countless customization options, from woodgrain finishes to one-of-a-kind glass designs, so you can allow your creativity to flow and design the door of your dreams.

ProVia Heritage Fiberglass Doors

ProVia’s Heritage fiberglass doors ensure top-notch performance while enhancing your home’s aesthetic, complete with a hardwood edge and polyurethane core with both textured and smooth finishes available.

ProVia Legacy Steel Front Doors

If you’re seeking a door that combines the ultimate home security with absolute elegance, ProVia’s Legacy steel entry doors are exactly what you need. Their 20-gauge steel construction promises unmatched strength, while their insulating foam assures highly respectable energy efficiency. Whether you prefer a woodgrain texture or a smooth finish, Legacy doors offer the perfect blend of durability and design.

Endless Customization Options for the Perfect Front Door Style

The modern front door styles showcased in this article highlight the vast selection available to homeowners in 2024. From the privacy and elegance of glass-front doors to the robust safety of high-security steel and the transformative power of color, there is a design to suit every aesthetic and functional need. Including features like simulated dividing lights and grids, alongside the artistic expressions of decorative glass, offers additional layers of customization and charm. While ProVia stands out for its quality and versatility, its overall diversity in door styles, materials, and finishes underscores the variety of options in today’s replacement door market.

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