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Published March 29, 2024
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The warranty on Milgard products reflects a commitment to excellence and durability, offering peace of mind for every homeowner. This comprehensive warranty is a testament to the confidence in the quality of the windows and doors we provide, ensuring that any concerns with craftsmanship or materials are addressed promptly and efficiently. By selecting these products, you’re not just enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home; you’re also securing a promise of enduring support and protection.

Claim Submission Process

Identify the Issue: First, assess the problem with your Milgard window or Milgard door to determine if it’s covered under warranty. This could range from material defects, such as frame warping, to operational issues like difficulty with opening or closing.

Prepare Required Documentation: Before initiating your claim, gather all necessary documentation. This includes your original purchase receipt, the product serial number (found on a sticker on the product frame), and clear photographs of the issue. These details are essential for a smooth claim process.

Contact Milgard Customer Service: To start your warranty claim, reach out directly to Milgard’s customer service. This can be accomplished through a phone call, email, or by completing a warranty claim form on the Milgard website. Providing the information you’ve collected will aid in quickly addressing your concern.

Schedule an Inspection: After your claim submission, Milgard will arrange for an inspection to evaluate the issue. A Milgard certified technician may visit your home to assess the defect and decide the appropriate action, in accordance with Milgard’s warranty terms.

Implement the Resolution: The resolution, based on the technician’s assessment, might involve repair, replacement, or other actions as outlined in the warranty. The aim is to resolve your issue efficiently, ensuring your satisfaction and the optimal performance of your Milgard product.

Confirmation of Satisfaction: Following any repair or replacement work, Milgard will follow up to confirm the resolution meets your expectations and that your product is functioning correctly. Your feedback is important for ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction.

How to Contact

  1. Milgard’s Official Website: The most reliable source for contact information is Milgard’s official website. Look for sections titled “Contact Us,” “Customer Service,” or “Support.” These sections often provide comprehensive contact details, including emails and phone numbers.
  2. Warranty Documentation: Review your Milgard product warranty documentation. Companies often include direct contact information for warranty claims and support in these documents.
  3. Dealer Information: Since you’re dealing with products installed by a specific dealer, they might also have direct lines of communication with Milgard for warranty issues. They can provide you with the necessary contact details or even assist in initiating the claim on your behalf.
  4. Customer Service Portals: Many companies offer online customer service portals where you can submit a claim or request support. These portals may require you to create an account or register your product.

Limitations and Exclusions

While Milgard’s warranty provides comprehensive coverage, there are certain conditions and scenarios where the warranty may not apply. Understanding these limitations helps set realistic expectations:

  • Normal Wear and Tear: The warranty does not cover issues that arise from the regular use of the product over time, such as minor scratches or normal weathering of materials.
  • Improper Installation: Problems resulting from installation not performed by certified professionals or according to Milgard’s guidelines may not be covered.
  • Non-Manufacturer Components: The use of parts or components not supplied by Milgard in the repair or modification of the product can void the warranty.
  • Environmental and Accidental Damage: Damage caused by accidents, misuse, or adverse environmental conditions, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or extreme temperatures, is typically excluded from coverage.
  • Maintenance Neglect: Failing to perform routine maintenance as recommended by Milgard can lead to issues not covered by the warranty.

FAQs for Milgard Warranties

Does Milgard offer industry-leading warranties?

Yes, Milgard is renowned for their industry-leading warranties, a testament to their high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction. At Lake Washington Windows and Doors, we are proud to partner with Milgard, aligning with our core values of trust, transparency, and a dedication to excellence.

Is a full lifetime warranty included with all Milgard windows?

Yes, Milgard provides a Full Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own and reside in your home, covering most of their window products. This warranty is a testament to Milgard’s confidence in their products’ quality and durability, offering peace of mind to homeowners.

How do I know if my issue is covered under warranty?

Milgard’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Common covered issues include seal failures in windows, hardware malfunctions, and frame warping. Review the warranty documentation for detailed coverage information or contact Milgard’s customer service for clarification.

What do I need to submit a warranty claim?

You will need proof of purchase, the product identification number (located on the window or door frame), a detailed description of the issue, and photographs documenting the defect. Submitting this information via Milgard’s customer service portal or contact center will initiate your claim.

How long does the warranty claim process take?

The duration of the claim process can vary based on the complexity of the issue and the current volume of claims. Milgard strives to address and resolve claims promptly, with most initial assessments occurring within a few weeks of claim submission.

Can I transfer my Milgard warranty if I sell my house?

Yes, Milgard’s warranty is transferable to the next homeowner, which can enhance the value of your property. Specific terms and conditions apply, and the process usually requires notification to Milgard within a set period after the property transfer.

What is not covered by Milgard’s warranty?

The warranty does not cover damages resulting from misuse, improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, or installation not performed by certified professionals. Environmental damages such as those caused by storms or natural disasters are also typically excluded.

Does the warranty cover glass breakage?

Certain Milgard product lines include coverage for accidental glass breakage as part of the warranty. Check your specific warranty details or contact Milgard customer service to confirm if your product qualifies.

What happens if my product is no longer available for replacement?

If a product covered under warranty is discontinued, Milgard will either repair the defective product or replace it with a similar model that offers equivalent form and functionality.

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