Milgard Releases Two New Moving Glass Wall Styles

Published April 1, 2020
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In March, Tacoma-based Milgard Windows & Doors launched two new styles of moving glass wall systems:

  1. A bi-fold style
  2. A pocket style

Each gives homeowners more options for improving and modernizing the look of their home.

Moving glass wall systems are large glass panels that glide completely outward or aside, providing a seamless connection between your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

As its name suggests, the pocket option slides completely into your wall to disappear entirely from view. Milgard makes these systems available in 3 to 6 panel configurations.

Milgard Bi-fold Glass Wall System

“Enjoy the best of indoor-outdoor living with Milgard’s Bi-Fold Moving Glass Walls. Available in custom and standard sizes, add Bi-Fold Glass Walls to your home for a beautiful and distinct look. All aluminum frames and panels are thermally broken with a full weather-stripped structural interlock system for improved energy efficiency.

Milgard Bi-Fold Glass Walls are designed with a water barrier sill to help provide protection from water penetration. The 1.5″ interior leg helps keep water from entering inside the home and the back leg penetrates the track for additional protection against exterior elements.” – Milgard

Other names:

  • Milgard bi-fold moving glass wall system
  • Milgard bi-fold doors
  • Milgard bi-fold windows

Milgard Bi-fold Doors Cost

Although bi-fold doors/windows come in standard sizes, each job will depend on many factors to determine price. For a free estimate, call or fill out the contact form on this page.

Advantages of Moving Glass Walls

Milgard’s innovative moving glass wall systems are a great solution for homeowners who place a high value on indoor-outdoor living. The glass walls not only maximize natural light in the home, but they also slide open easily, allowing your living room to open right up to your patio or garden on a pretty day.

For years, moving glass walls were primarily a high-end, custom option in homes. Milgard’s goal is to make these beautiful glass walls a cost-effective, attainable option for modern homeowners. The moving glass walls are designed to have a unified look with any other Milgard windows installed in your home.

You can learn more about Milgard’s moving glass wall systems on the Milgard website or check out the video below for more information.

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