Kent Vinyl Windows

When it’s time for Kent homeowners to upgrade their windows with a resilient, economical, and efficient alternative, Lake Washington Windows and Doors has the ideal solution. We provide top-notch vinyl replacement windows from premier industry manufacturers. After our expert installation, you’ll be astounded by the transformation in your home’s aesthetics, comfort, and energy efficiency.

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Our Vinyl Replacement Windows Provide Countless Benefits

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or vinyl, is the world’s second most utilized plastic polymer, composed of ethylene and chlorine. While all vinyl window frames employ vinyl as their primary material, the quality can vary significantly.

At Lake Washington Windows and Doors, our vinyl replacement manufacturers surpass the standard formulation by incorporating unique UV stabilizers that reflect sunlight to prevent material degradation and titanium dioxide, creating a heat-resistant final product that delivers unparalleled performance. In addition to these benefits, vinyl replacement windows provide Kent homeowners with several other advantages, including

  • Vinyl replacement windows provide some of the best energy efficiency available

  • It’s budget-friendly yet offers similar advantages as pricier materials like fiberglass

  • Vinyl windows have a substantial life expectancy ranging from 20 to 40 years

  • Maintaining and cleaning vinyl is straightforward and demands very little upkeep

  • Vinyl windows come in an array of styles and designs that match nearly every taste

  • Vinyl replacement windows are light-weight and extremely easy to use

  • They possess impressive sound insulation, ensuring a peaceful indoor environment

  • They are recyclable, making them the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious customers

We’ve Chosen The Top Vinyl Window Series Just For You

With over three decades of hands-on experience in the window industry, we’ve picked the finest vinyl window products from the industry’s top manufacturers that perfectly balance quality, affordability, and the best value, making them an ideal choice for your Kent home. Our vinyl window replacement options include

Milgard Tuscany Series V400 Vinyl Replacement Windows

When it comes to vinyl replacement windows, the Milgard Tuscany Series offers the highest degree of structural strength, UV inhibitors, glass efficiency, and quality in the industry. These technical features, coupled with elegant sightlines that mimic the look of traditional wood windows, allow customers to save money while receiving a high-end window replacement with a customized aesthetic.

Milgard Trinsic Series V300 Vinyl Replacement Windows

For those in search of a vinyl window replacement with a modern design, look no further than the Milgard Trinsic V300 Series. Milgard has designed the Trinsic Series to maximize the available glass surface area, making the frames and hardware practically disappear from view, resulting in a contemporary window replacement capable of modernizing any home.

Andersen E-Series Wood-Clad Vinyl Replacement Windows

The E-Series clad-wood vinyl windows from Andersen Windows are an energy-efficient, sturdy, and durable option for Kent homeowners looking to add a high-end touch, classic character, and warmth to their homes. These replacement windows are made with high-quality wood, available in multiple species and finishes that resist the elements and never require painting.

We Offer Vinyl Material Options For Every Window Style

Regardless of the window style you have in mind, at Lake Washington Windows and Doors, we’ve got you covered. We provide vinyl replacement windows in all seven major home window styles

Vinyl Windows Combine the Best of Energy Efficiency and Affordability

Lake Washington Windows and Doors is your trusted provider of high-quality, energy-efficient, and cost-effective vinyl windows in Kent. With our wide range of style options and industry-leading manufacturers, we promise to find the best window solution based on your needs. Don’t miss out on the benefits that our top-notch vinyl windows bring to your home, from enhanced energy efficiency to a significant uplift in aesthetics and comfort.

Contact us today to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary in-home window consultation  and start your journey towards a more efficient home and greater energy savings.