How Long Does It Take to Install Windows

Published January 17, 2021
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In this article is how long it takes to install

  1. Windows in a house or apartment
  2. Windows and doors together
  3. In a new house
  4. Siding and windows
  5. Replacement windows

If you have been researching windows, window types, and window companies to install replacement windows in Seattle, then you are likely aware of the benefits of new windows. At a basic glance, the benefits of installing new windows in your Seattle home:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Money saving
  • Curb appeal
  • Interior design/atmosphere
  • Resale value

See our benefits of new replacement windows page for more details. How long it takes to install replacement windows in a home depends on many things, but a quick job will take about 30 minutes per window. Things that can affect the length of the window installation process:

  • The windows are not on the first floor
  • There is rot around the frame
  • The windows are custom
  • Vinyl-sided homes with old window frames, sills, and jambs that are damaged or rotted, will need exterior siding work too
  • Lots of waterproofing work
  • The windows are large
  • Removing debris that will hinder access to the window
  • Hiring cheap or inexperienced window installation companies

How to make the window installation as fast as possible:

  • Remove debris and brush that may make access to the windows difficult
  • Trim trees or remove trees in front of the windows
  • Hire an experienced window installer

You Can Install Windows in a Home in One Day

Because windows only take 30 minutes to install as long as there is minimal extra work to be done and they are all at ground level, it is likely that you can have your entire home finished in a single day. Since the average installation time is 30 minutes per window, that means that about 16 windows can be installed in a single 8 hour work day.

Why You Should Know How Long Window Installation in a Home Takes

Once you know the type of replacement windows you want – vinyl windows, clad-wood windows, fiberglass windows etc. – and understand the benefits of window replacement, then you are likely in the stage of discovering how to plan your window installation project. A new window project is more than just hiring a company and letting them do the rest. You also need to plan around the project. You need to know the timelines, the expenses, and how and when to accommodate rooms being unavailable while windows are being installed. This is why knowing how long it takes to install new windows in a home is important to the window installation process.

How Long it Takes to Install Windows in an Apartment

Installing windows in an apartment on the ground floor and second floor typically takes about 30 minutes too. It may take an additional 30 minutes for every floor above the second floor.

How Long Does it Take to Install Windows and Doors Together

Exterior doors on average take 4 hours to install. Pre-hung doors are much faster. Occasionally more work needs to be done and it can take a day or longer to install a door, but that is usually a rare occurrence.

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