Financial Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Published October 31, 2016
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Did you know that having old or inefficient windows can affect energy efficiency in your home? Temperatures are dropping as we are heading into the cold fall and winter months, while energy bills are starting to rise. When properly selected and installed, energy-efficient windows can improve window performance in your home and help minimize heating, cooling and lighting costs. Explore our blog for the financial benefits of energy efficient windows and find out how they can help lower your bills this season!

Energy & Cost Savings

Energy efficient windows can keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Installing ENERGY STAR qualified windows can lower your energy bills and save you money over single-pane and double-paned clear-glass windows. For a typical home, ENERGY STAR windows can save you up to 20% on your energy bills.

Energy efficient windows are able to keep warmer temperatures inside your home during the colder months due to having a higher R-value.  The R-value of a window measures its ability to resist heat flow, therefore the higher the R-value of a window, the warmer your home will be. Windows that have good insulating values will make your home more comfortable, especially in the winter. Lake Washington Windows & Doors offers a selection of high quality energy efficient windows from trusted brands such as Milgard and Andersen.

Return on Investment

Aside from lowering your energy bill and keeping you warmer during the winter, energy efficient windows also have a very high return on investment (ROI). A high ROI means that the investment gains compare favorably to investment cost. Replacing old windows with new, energy efficient windows ranks in the top 5 for highest return on investment projects. It is estimated that mid-range vinyl window replacements in the Seattle market can return up to 95 percent of their initial cost at resale, and wooden window replacements can return up to 99 percent according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Cost v. Value report.

Energy Rebates & Tax Incentives

Puget Sound Energy offers a rebate of $50 per window, up to $750 for when you upgrade to energy-efficient windows with a U-factor of .30 or lower. In order to receive this rebate, you should be a current PSE customer and use electricity or natural gas as your primary heating source for your home. You may also qualify to receive a tax credit from the federal government for up to $1,500. To be eligible for the credit, windows and doors should meet the ENERGY STAR program requirements and be installed between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2016 in the taxpayer’s primary residence.

Ready to Replace Your Windows?

We specialize in window replacement for homes throughout the Greater Seattle area, including Bellevue, Issaquah, Kent, Renton, and Woodinville. With over 50 years of combined experienced in window, door, and siding replacement, our team can recommend the right products for your home and budget.  Need to know more first? Our frequently asked questions cover everything from installation methods to sizes. Call or contact us online today to schedule a free in-home consultation!

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