Everett Sliding Windows

In the beautiful city of Everett, sliding windows are a fantastic choice for homeowners seeking a balance between style and utility. At Lake Washington Windows and Doors, our gliding windows are crafted with cutting-edge energy efficiency technology to maximize thermal performance and reduce strain on your HVAC system, keeping your home comfortable regardless of the season.

If you’re seeking an affordable replacement window style that provides excellent ventilation, meets egress requirements, and allows you to reduce your cost quickly as you enjoy lower energy bills and an improved home environment, contact Lake Washington Windows and Doors today to schedule a complimentary in-home window consultation.

A Curated Selection of Gliding Windows for Everett Homeowners

When you explore our selection of sliding windows, you’ll discover a wide variety of designs and materials, ranging from the minimalist to the ornate. We provide customizable features for those with specific visions, ensuring that every window is tailored to individual specifications. We supply two and three-panel configurations, allowing you to choose the amount of ventilation and natural lighting you desire.

Of course, we also emphasize the importance of energy efficiency, offering future-ready models and enabling homeowners to make long-term savings. And safety? It’s at the forefront of our design selection. Our gliding windows have advanced lock systems and shatterproof features that protect your home from unwanted intruders.

Milgard Ultra Series Fiberglass Sliding Windows

When it comes to advanced window technology, Milgard Ultra Series fiberglass gliding windows are at the forefront. The fiberglass material ensures top-notch energy efficiency and provides an eco-friendly material choice since the main component, silica sand, is an easily accessible natural resource. Because the frame and glass are sand-based, they share similar expansion and contraction rates, creating unparalleled insulative properties that make the window less prone to swelling, rot, and warping for an extended lifespan.

Milgard Trinsic Series Vinyl Gliding Windows

The Milgard Trinsic Series is excellent for Everett homeowners desiring a modern vinyl sliding window with a design focused on minimizing the frames and hardware visibility while maximizing the glass area for a sleek appearance, ideal for giving homes a modern touch.

Milgard Tuscany Series Vinyl Sliding Windows

Too many window manufacturers compromise on the quality of their vinyl, but Milgard does not. The Tuscany Series is a premium vinyl gliding window collection made with a proprietary vinyl formula known for its exceptional structural strength, effective UV blocking, superior glass technology, and industry-leading quality. The refined sightlines resemble traditional wooden windows, giving these vinyl replacement windows a sophisticated and custom-made appearance.

Milgard Essence series vinyl windows in living room

Andersen E-Series Aluminum Clad-Wood Gliding Windows

The Andersen E-Series aluminum clad-wood sliding windows blend elegance and homely charm for Everett residents. Made with a superior wood interior with various customization options, including diverse wood types and finishes, the Andersen E-Series stands out in the industry for its wood protection techniques. The exterior of each window is clad with aluminum to shield against weather, offering a low-maintenance exterior that’s not only energy-efficient but also strong and long-lasting.

The Advantages of Upgrading to Everett Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, are sash windows that open horizontally, from the left or right, rather than opening vertically, essentially the window equivalent to sliding glass patio doors. Gliding windows are an extremely popular design choice, and for good reason. The advantages of upgrading your home with these windows abound.

  • Unlike awning and casement windows, the horizontal gliding function of sliding windows makes them the perfect space-saving choice for Everett homeowners, eliminating the need for extra space near walkways and adjacent structures.

  • The unobstructed glass panels provide beautiful views of the outdoors while flooding your home’s interior with natural sunlight, creating brighter and more welcoming spaces.

  • Gliding windows are one of the more economical window styles available, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious homeowners who value style and functionality.

  • Designed with the latest energy efficiency technologies, horizontal gliding windows keep the cold out and the warmth in while significantly reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint.

  • The wide window openings welcome the refreshing Everett breeze and serve as an excellent source of natural ventilation that double-hung windows can’t compete with.

  • Gliding windows are made from solid fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl materials that can withstand the elements and last for years with minimal maintenance or cleaning.

  • Those same materials allow horizontal sliding windows to reduce outside noise, making your home quieter and more peaceful.

  • Stop worrying about the struggle of opening inoperable windows and enjoy the ease-of-use gliding windows provide with just a gentle push or pull.

Get Started With Your Home Transformation Today

If you’re an Everett resident looking to transform your home with the timeless elegance of horizontal sliding windows, Lake Washington Windows and Doors is here to bring your replacement window vision to life. Our team of expert sales and installation professionals has over 100 years of combined experience and knows how to guide you through the replacement window process without stress or complication. Contact us to schedule a complimentary no-pressure in-home window consultation, or stop by our Seattle showroom today.