Black Window Frames: Benefits, Considerations, and Materials

Published April 22, 2022
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If you’ve seen a house with black window frames, you’ve noticed the distinct character they create compared to the white frames of surrounding homes. From the exterior, they create high contrast and serve as a dramatic design feature. From the interior, they seem to disappear while you enjoy the outside view. Pair them with white walls and transform your home into a sophisticated art gallery. Install them in a farmhouse, and you create a modern farmhouse. These unique windows’ versatility lends credence to their explosion in popularity over recent years. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why. For further insight on how to use your new windows effectively in all applications, review our guide to bathroom window privacy.

Black windows frames will stand the test of time

One of our customers’ most common questions is, “Will black window frames go out of style? Are they just a trend?” While it’s true that black windows and doors are currently trending in popularity, they’ve been around for centuries. They were first used in 19th-century industrial buildings such as factories or warehouses and have only grown in popularity since.

Designers consider black a “forgiving color” because it pairs well with nearly any style, color, or material without causing conflict. This forgiving nature remains valid for home design. As the old fashion adage goes, “Everything looks good with black.” Because of this and the benefits below, we believe black windows will continue to stand the test of time for centuries.

5 Benefits of black windows

The range of design benefits black windows provide cannot be ignored. Their diversity and ability to bring a sophisticated modern look to any home explain the explosion in their popularity in recent years. Let’s look at some of the significant benefits of installing these dark windows in your home.

A simple method to increase curb appeal

When it comes to bolstering your home’s curb appeal, black windows and doors may be one of the best ways to make a drastic difference with minimal effort. One of the fantastic benefits of installing dark window frames is the instant modernity they bring to any home. Even if your home is hundreds of years old, black windows will help bring it into the 21st century.

An excellent choice for distinguishing your home’s character

With over 90% of houses hosting the same white window frames, making the bold decision to install black windows is an excellent way to distinguish the essence of your home and set it apart from the rest.

Black is highly diverse and compatible

Since black is such a forgiving color, black window frames work well with various design styles, colors, and materials. These dark windows work just as well with contemporary homes as modern designs, and they can be framed in black trim or white trim. They look great with dark-colored and light-colored walls and work perfectly with painted, brick, and stone siding.

The “enhanced view” effect

Another great benefit of installing black windows is its effect on anyone looking through them. The negative color properties draw the viewer’s eye to the outside scenery while causing the dark sashes to disappear, almost like an optical illusion.

There’s no need for window treatments (unless desired)

Whereas white window frames look naked without window treatment, black windows are the opposite. Black window frames are a design statement that deserves to be seen, removing the need for heavy blinds and other window treatments such as roman shades. However, if you value privacy and want to include window coverings, select a style that can be fully drawn away during the day and ensure the exterior colors are consistent throughout.


Some factors to consider with black window frames

The addition of black frames can add that extra flare you’ve been looking for regarding your home design. However, there are a few factors to consider to ensure that they will be the appropriate choice for your home.

Consider interior & exterior cohesion

Because black frames work with so many colors and designs, they are an excellent choice for many homeowners. However, you’ll want to ensure that this design will work cohesively with interior and exterior design features such as the interior color pallet and floor plan.

Avoid the “black hole” effect

During daytime hours, the interplay between sunlight and shadows can lead to black-framed windows disappearing from sight, causing what’s known as the “black hole” effect, which can reduce the originally intended impact and make the home look strange in the wrong light. Before deciding, it’s best to understand how sunlight will play against your home’s facade.

Be sure to match the interior decoration

With cohesion in mind, it’s best to tie these bold windows into the rest of the home by including complimentary interior design elements such as using iron or steel in creative ways, installing dark countertops, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, furniture, pillows, picture frames, etc.

You can have the best of both worlds

Homeowners who value their privacy or prefer to keep the frames white on the interior for privacy or design purposes may find vinyl windows with a black exterior and white or off-white interior the best option.

Available materials for black window frames

Black framed windows are available in all the same materials as white windows and a few extra material options. While black window frames come at a higher price tag, the return on investment from using energy-efficient materials will make up for the price difference very quickly. When it comes to the highest quality window brands, our top recommendations are Andersen and Milgard. The following are some of their provided materials.

Fiberglass windows

Our top material recommendation for black frame windows, or any other window color, is fiberglass. Black fiberglass windows will give your home an incredibly unique character with every additional benefit. Fiberglass windows are available in almost every style, including bay, double-hung, and single-hung windows. Additionally, fiberglass windows are the most environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient material available, and they provide excellent heat and moisture resistance with little to no maintenance.

Vinyl windows

If you’re looking for black window frames that are both affordable and energy-efficient, we highly recommend considering vinyl frames. Made primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this is an excellent low-maintenance material that will maintain durability for years to come.

Aluminum windows

The cheapest material available for black frame windows is aluminum. While the price may seem enticing, aluminum presents problems you won’t find with vinyl or fiberglass windows. When painted black, aluminum windows transfer a significant amount of heat, making them far less energy-efficient than other materials. Additionally, the color of aluminum window frames will fade over time, requiring a more significant amount of maintenance.

Steel windows

On the opposite end of the spectrum lies steel window frames. Steel frames are significantly more expensive than vinyl and fiberglass windows. Still, blackened steel may be the way to go if your budget allows for a premium material built to hold large custom windows. You’ll likely need to work with a specialty window provider to purchase steel frames.

We’ll improve your home with black window frames

If your home needs new windows, whether a replacement or a new construction project, Lake Washington Windows and Doors is here to help. Call us today to schedule a free in-home inspection to begin your black window installation process!

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