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4 Ways to Know If You Need Window Replacement

Dec 2, 2016

Window Replacement

Have you looked at your windows lately and wondered if it is time to repair them or even replace them entirely? There are a number of reasons why your windows might not be in their best shape. Drafty, energy inefficient, foggy, damaged, rotted, or inoperable old windows are some of the most common frustrations that homeowners have when it comes to their windows.  Check out our blog for four ways to know if window repair or replacement is right for your home.

  1. Foggy Windows

If you notice fog on the inside of your glass, that is the first indicator that you have a broken seal in your insulated glass panes. Double-pane window panes are air-tight, but when the window seal fails, it allows moisture to enter in between the panes. Now the insides of your window panes are filled with tiny amounts of water which then condenses on the glass, typically when it’s cold outside.  That is why you will sometimes see the moisture or “foggy” glass in the early morning or late evening hours, then it disappears during the middle of the day.

Glass replacement companies can usually remove the existing window panes and replace it with a new piece of insulated glass unit.  Both panes will be replaced (or the entire insulated glass unit), rather than just replacing one piece.  This will normally be a less expensive option, but if your window frames are inefficient (aluminum) or rotted (wood), then your best value may be to replace the entire window (frame and glass), as opposed to just the insulated glass unit.  Often, replacing the entire window will entitle you to the window manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, which normally covers the full replacement cost of future glass failures.  Plus, by replacing the entire window, you will update the look of your home, improve the home’s value, and bring your window up to current energy-star levels.

  1. Drafty Windows

Can you feel chilly drafts around your windows? Many homes have this problem. In the winter, drafty windows can make an entire room chilly, forcing you to spend extra money on heating. Drafty windows are usually caused by poorly engineered window frames, failing glass components, or bad installations where the gap between the window and your home’s framing is not insulated. When air is allowed to seep through, it causes major energy loss.  If your glass and window sashes are in working order, it is possible that the area around your window frame can be insulated to reduce the air flow. But if you have multiple failing window components, window replacement is the best long-term option, since new window installation will ensure a maximum barrier from the outside components and provide the most energy-efficiency.

  1. Broken Glass

What happens if you have broken glass, due to harsh weather, accidental breakage, or simply because the window frames have shifted? If you have broken glass on just one single window, then turning to glass replacement may make sense, assuming your other windows are in good shape. Glass replacement companies can remove the insulated panes and install a new piece of glass while keeping the consistent look of the windows in the home. If your glass has become brittle, hazy, or drafty, the one broken glass may be a good sign that it is time to replace the others as well.

  1. Crank Out Windows

Window components such as crank out handles, locks, and sliders, can wear over time. Depending on your manufacturer, you may get lucky enough to find replacement parts for your window. But if you have had your windows for quite some time, finding the right parts can be difficult and time consuming. If all of your windows are experiencing problems with opening, closing, or sealing, it is likely time to consider replacement.  In fact, there are not many window companies who will provide repair services, because it can be difficult to find the right parts for all the different manufacturer’s out there.

Lake Washington Windows offers many different options for quality, long-lasting windows, such as fiberglass, clad wood, vinyl and thermally-improved aluminum windows. Upgrading to these new, energy-efficient windows provides the obvious benefits of improved comfort in any weather conditions and a boost in your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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