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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Triple Pane Windows

Oct 29, 2015

stools-690339 (1)Winter is coming, are you ready? When considering window upgrades, triple pane windows are commonly the topic of debate. Does that extra insulation really make a difference? Is it worth it? There are plenty of factors to consider, but ultimately it depends on which type fits best with your family’s needs. Below are four reasons why triple pane windows may be a beneficial addition to your home.


Trying to stay warm this winter? Triple Pane Windows could be the answer you’re looking for. Not only are they of higher quality, but there is a significant difference in the physical construction of the window. Three panes of glass, as opposed to your standard two, equates to two chambers, adding an entire extra layer of insulation to your home. Not to mention the added insulation from the additional sheet of glass. Triple pane windows would help keep your family warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Now isn’t that a warm thought?


Burglaries happen, but they don’t have to be because of your windows. Triple Pane Windows are much more durable than your standard double pane windows. Meaning a Triple Pane upgrade can make your home safer. Secure your family, and consider the price of protection. An upgrade could be the difference between a break-in. Is your family protected?


Triple pane windows play a role in reducing condensation. First off, condensation is dependent on the dew point. moisture-926141_640Dew point is the temperature for a given relative humidity at which airborne water vapor condenses on surfaces. Condensation appears when the surface temperature of the interior pane is below dew point. The better the insulation value of a window, the higher the temperature of the interior surface, meaning the likelihood that vapor will condense or frost on the glass is significantly reduced.


Triple pane windows are extremely energy efficient. An energy efficiency study conducted at PNNL’s Lab Homes, found that energy usage decreased by an astounding 12.2 percent when triple-pane windows were replaced with standard double-pane windows. For those of you unfamiliar with your energy habits, this equates to a substantial amount of savings, both financially and environmentally. Additionally, the heavier quality reduces the need for future replacements. Reduce your carbon footprint, and upgrade to triple pane windows today.

Now one downside to triple pane windows is that they can be costly. Lucky for you, Lake Washington Windows & Doors is offering a FREE triple pane window upgrade on all installed Milgard windows. Hurry now, and create a warmer, safer, and environmentally-friendly home. Offer restrictions apply.

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