Winter Window Replacement in Seattle

Best Windows For Winter In Seattle & Pacific Northwest

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Is Replacing Windows During The Winter A Good Idea?

Our Seattle area customers often ask us if getting new windows during the Winter and cold months is a good idea.

In most cases, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Out of all the ways to prepare your home for winter, replacing your windows with energy efficient windows is one of the best.

If you’re already thinking about home window replacement, here are a few good reasons to consider winter window replacement, rather than putting off the job until summer.

Why You Should Replace Your Windows For Winter

Reduce Your Energy Bills/Cost.

Many homeowners start thinking about replacing windows in the winter when they notice skyrocketing heating costs, or simply feel chilly in their home due to old, drafty windows. Often, homeowners assume that it’s too late to winterize their home with new energy-efficient windows and put installation off until summer – but we think that’s a big mistake. With rising heating fuel and electricity prices in Washington, poorly insulated or leaky windows can cost a lot more than most people realize. If you’re already considering window replacement, why not take care of it now during the months where you stand to save the most money on energy bills? With the vast improvements in window glass, Low-E coating, and frame technologies in recent years, it’s easier than ever to beat the chill – and literally save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your replacement windows.

Save On Winter Window Installation.

The busiest time of year for window installation is the Summer. The next busiest is the Spring. That can be because 

  • It’s warmer so it’s more comfortable for home owners to have windows replaced during warm months
  • There is a natural proclivity to do home repairs during the Summer
  • Holidays are a busy time of year
  • People don’t know that it’s cheaper to purchase windows and installation in the Winter

Because the summer is the busiest time of year for window replacement companies, you’ll pay full price during these months. It’s just supply and demand. Window replacement companies are slow during the Winter, so they offer awesome discounts on product, labor, or both.

Faster Installation Service.

Washington weather can get pretty frosty, but the right windows will keep your home warm and comfortable. Smart shoppers know that there are advantages to buying products during slower seasons – and home windows are no different. Because many homeowners wait for summer to replace windows, we’re able to setup free in-home consultations and estimates even faster than usual. Wait times are also reduced, or virtually non-existent, when it comes time for the actual installation process. Slower business also means that potential manufacturer lead-times for popular and cutting edge window models are largely eliminated. So there’s actually a good chance that your window replacement will be faster and more convenient than any other time of year! The advantages of scheduling window replacement during the “Off-Peak” season make it pretty appealing to take action during the Winter months than the Summer months.

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Things To Know About Winter Window Replacement In Seattle

Are there disadvantages of installing windows in the winter and fall? 

Yes, for DIYers. For the average do-it-yourself window installer, working in the cold can certainly be a hassle, and sometimes even dangerous if done wrong. However, Lake Washington Windows has been installing windows year-round in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for over a decade, and our professional installers are trained and equipped to provide installation services that you’ll be absolutely satisfied with, no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Does Bubble Wrap help insulate windows?

Bubble wrap does work to insulate windows. It is often used in greenhouses in the Winter, and can be used in the home as well. Oddly shaped windows can be difficult to find insulating shades for so, bubble wrap works well because it’s easily cuttable.

How do I winterize my old windows?

You can purchase window insulation kits for about $30, add curtains, and replace leaking window parts. A sealed layer is the best way, so make sure to use insulation film.

Is it OK to install windows in the winter?

It depends on your goal. If your goal is to save money, have it done sooner, and stay warm, then yes it is ok. If your goal is to stay warm during the process, or do it yourself, then it probably isn’t the best time to replace your windows.

Does putting plastic on windows help in winter?

Yes and no. No, trash bags and random plastic does not work. Yes, plastic insulation film works. We also suggest purchasing a window insulation kit.

How do I insulate my windows for winter?

Specifically, install a window insulation film. However, the other things that you can do to reduce cold transfer through your windows is to replace old parts like weather strips, apply foam tape, insulate the window with a film, hang insulated curtains, and re-caulk windows.

What can I put on windows to keep cold out?

Replace old parts like weather strips, apply foam tape, insulate the window with a film, hang insulated curtains, and re-caulk windows.