Four Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

Published July 1, 2019
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Summer is here, which means temperatures are rising and are starting to affect electric bills. If you are looking for ways to keep the temperature down in your home other than by using an air conditioner, replacing your windows is a great option. Did you know that upgrading your house with energy-efficient windows can save you up to 15% on your annual household energy bills? Read our blog to find out the benefits that energy efficient triple pane windows have to offer!

Triple Pane Window Benefits

  1. Reduce Noise
  2. Reduce Condensation on Glass
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Security

Triple Pane Windows Reduce Noise

Triple Pane Windows are excellent at preventing sound transmission. Because of the extra pane of glass, triple pane windows are naturally more soundproof. A feature in vinyl triple pane windows that contributes to reduced sound transmission is the use of spacers between glazings. Spacers keep a window’s glass panes in the correct distance apart. Not only will this improve the efficiency of insulated glass units, but it will also help reduce outside noise.

Triple Pane Windows Reduce Condensation on Glass

Triple pane windows do a better job of reducing condensation compared to single and double-pane windows. Condensation occurs when water collects as droplets on a cold surface when humid air is in contact with it. The more insulated a window, the higher the temperature of the interior glazing surface and the less likely condensation will occur. Since triple glazed windows have an extra pane of glass, they offer more insulation and therefore reduce the chance of condensation.

Triple Pane Windows Are More Energy Efficient

Triple pane windows are more energy efficient, which means they can keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. These windows are able to keep warmer temperatures inside your home during the cold season due to having a higher R-value. The R-value of a window measures its ability to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value of a window, the warmer your home will be and the less heat will escape from window panes. Triple pane windows also have a low solar heat gain coefficient. A low SHGC means that these windows do a good job at blocking heat-producing solar rays and as a result keep your cooling bills lower during the summer months.

Triple Pane Windows Increase Security

Triple pane windows provide increased security and strength. This means that it would make it more difficult for break-ins to occur because it is a challenge for intruders to break though the extra layers of glass. Triple pane windows also protect your home from harsh weather and provide more wind resistance. You can rest assured knowing that your home is more secure and well protected.

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