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  • I had another quote from a competing window company and Lake Washington Windows had a better price. The competing window company had the s... read more - Salmon K. - 6/18/2019 

Is Your Home Siding Falling Apart?

Home SidingHome siding is the most vulnerable surface that the elements of nature challenge during every season of the year. Wind, water, and variable temperature abuse are just a few of the natural elements that siding is manufactured to protect against.

Home siding is very important in defending the interior of your home from greater issues that can arise with leaks, deterioration, or peeling. As a home owner (or even potential home buyer), there are specific signs to look for when determining if siding replacement is necessary before the winter weather sets in. Here’s how you can tell if your home siding is falling apart. 

Minor Signs Home Siding Needs to Be Replaced

· Peeling Exterior Paint

If paint is peeling off the wood siding surface, it’s a sign that moisture has gotten into the wood surface, causing a high level of expansion/contraction that causes the paint to peel and flake off.

· Fungus, Mold or Mildew

Any unusual growth implies water is where it is not supposed to be. Not all fungus or mildew signals immediate trouble, but the siding should be inspected further to prevent potentially worse outcomes.

· High Heating and Cooling Bills

Inadequate siding combined with poor insulation can be the culprit of higher monthly utility bills.

· Peeling Interior Paint or Wallpaper

Aged siding allows water to seep into the home, causing paint and wallpaper to show visible signs of damage.

Major Signs It’s Time for Replacement

· Holes

Even the smallest holes from insects can bring the exterior elements in, which can lead to bigger, more expensive problems in the future.

· Bubbles

Bubbles are an almost certain sign that water has gotten under the siding. This is an immediate concern—moisture is meant to be repelled with siding, not absorbed.

· Cracked or Loose Siding

A few loose pieces of siding are not an immediate concern, but if left unattended they can become costly to repair.

· Rotting or Warping/Potential Dry Rot

It is possible for siding to appear flawless on the surface while rotted wood is on the inside. The layers closest to a home’s structure can become soft, and require attention just as quickly as visible damages would.

When siding is examined regularly, it becomes the most important first line of defense to protecting your house and belongings against weather conditions. Practicing good home owner habits like monitoring home siding can help materials last their intended lifespans.

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