How Can I Make My Windows Look Better?

Published June 26, 2020
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How can I make my home look better? A question homeowners have had since the dawn of time – or of homes, in any case. While there are a lot of elements you can change to improve your home’s appearance, the one we want to focus on here is your windows.

So now we come to the next question, which is: How can I make my windows look better? By making them look bigger, brighter and newer, and by making effective use of colors.

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How to Make Windows Look Bigger?

There are several tricks you can use to make your windows appear taller and wider. Here are some of the best:

  • Place your curtain rods higher up. Additionally, have blinds that start just above the window. Since people can’t actually see where the window ends (due to the blinds), but the curtain rods suggest it is taller, they will believe it is in fact taller.
  • Extend your curtain rods beyond the window. You can extend them by as much as 12 inches – even more in some cases, and have curtains that start right where the window ends, so the eye is tricked into believing the window is much wider than it really is. Use a thick, high-quality material, because flimsy curtains will let the light through and the illusion won’t work as well.
  • Use designs to improve the illusion. Vertical patterns make a structure look taller, while horizontal patterns make it look wider. Use this strategically in your blinds and curtains to maximize the effect.
  • Have extra-large window frames. If you don’t want to have curtains in a particular room, or don’t want them to be the focus, you can instead get window frames that are larger than usual, which also create the illusion of bigger windows.
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How to Make Windows Look Brighter?

Bright windows make a room feel cheerful, and they bring in more light. They’ll also look newer and more expensive, which will take your home’s décor up several notches. Here are some simple ways to make your windows look brighter.

  • Paint the Window Trim White. Bright white reflects light, and seems to pop. Paint your window trim dazzling white to give the windows an immediate boost. Another advantage of using white is that it works well with nearly all colors, so the room will look more cohesive.
  • Paint Your White Walls. Since you want your windows to pop, let them be the stars. With white walls your white windows may blend in, try painting the wall a different color to make your window stand out and appear bigger and brighter.

How to Redo Old Windows?

We strongly suggest that homeowners not try rebuilding or refinishing old windows at home. Most parts of the refinishing process are complex and intricate, and require the use of specialized tools. For an affordable amount you can hire professionals who will do the job for you in a fraction of the time.

How to Make Old Windows Look Good?

Give your windows a thorough clean and your trim some fresh paint to instantly make your windows look good! To clean your windows efficiently, use a solution of dish detergent, vinegar and water. Spray liberally on the window glass, screen and window sill, and scrub. Dry with a squeegee before moving to the next window.

Spruce up your trim by adding some bright white paint for a modern look, or a muted color like tan or beige for a cozy look. With sparkling clean glass and a trim that pops, your windows will look a lot better.

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