Financial Benefits for Replacing Home Windows and Doors

Financial Benefits to Replacing Windows in Your Home

Financial Benefits of Window and Door Replacement
There are so many good financial benefits to replacing your Seattle area home windows it’s hard to fit it all in one place. We have designed this section of our website to try and help you break down three main categories of replacement benefits to you and your home. Below we have listed out the best financial reasons to replace your home windows and doors. You can also visit our Home Benefits and Resale Benefits.

Reduced Energy Bills

Unfortunately for us that own or rent homes, we pay to heat and cool them. Equally unfortunate is the fact that exterior windows and doors are the weakest link of the building envelope in terms of allowing the transfer of heat and cold. Changing out your inefficient windows and doors with new and efficient alternatives can reduce your heating and cooling costs by over 25%. With rising energy prices, the dollar savings can be even greater. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few extra dollars a month to use elsewhere?

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Return on Investment (ROI)

What is the return on my investment for upgrading my windows and doors? This is a question that is frequently asked by our clients. Several sources indicate that the return on investment can range from 80% to 90% and many reports show that window replacement ranks in the top 5 for highest return on investment projects.

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NEW! Tax Incentives and Rebates

The federal government is reinstating a tax credit in 2009 for upgrading your windows and/or doors to Energy Star levels. This tax credit is for up to $1500. In addition to the federal tax credit, local Puget Sound Energy customers have an opportunity to earn up to $500 cash back on window and door replacements, just so long as the work is performed by licensed, bonded, and insured companies like Lake Washington Windows & Doors.

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Low Maintenance

Many new window, and door products are designed with low-maintenance in mind. For instance, vinyl frames will never have to be painted, and fiberglass frames are inherently stable so their factory paint stays on for a lifetime. In addition, many of the hardware systems for windows and doors are made of durable, die-cast zinc or stainless steel material that go through thousands upon thousands of cycle-tests to ensure they will hold up in your home. In fact some window manufacturers today offer a full lifetime warranty to the original homeowner that covers both labor and materials. Wouldn’t you like that kind of peace-of-mind and low-maintenance from your windows and doors?

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